MySpace’s HyperTargeting Ad Platform Enters Second Phase

Sometime in July, MySpace rolled out a new sitewide advertising program called HyperTargeting by MySpace. From the words of Michael Barrett, Chief Revenue Officer for Fox Interactive Media, HyperTargeting by MySpace’s mission:

…was to build an ad platform that translates our massive amounts of self expressed user data into highly-targeted, interest-based segments, enabling us to better serve the exact right ad to the right person at the right time, We far exceeded our initial goals in increasing campaign performance for our clients – in some cases tripling the performance over comparable campaigns.

Today, after completing its first phase of implementation, HyperTargeting by MySpace was able to partner with leading brands such as Procter and Gamble, Microsoft XBOX, Ford, Sony Electronics to name just a few. To further serve advertisers and marketeers in achieving optimum results with their advertising campaign, HyperTargeting by MySpace is officially entering its second phase. This time, the advertising program will allow marketeers to segment users by more than 100 additional sub-categories. Whereas in the first phase advertisers were able to target movie fans, phase two will let them target fans in a specific sub-category of movies, such as horror fans, fantasy flicks fans and so on.

John Moore, SVP, Director of Ideas and Innovation for Mullen mediaHUB believes that MySpace is a tremendous force in the music community with its passionate user. “Their new enthusiasts ad platform creates even more opportunity for our brands as we can combine their enormous size with a highly targeted program,” says Moore.

MySpace is also planning to roll out a international version of the program which would allow international brands to target users in non-U.S. countries.