LinkedIn Users Can Now Upload Videos to Their Page

Everyone with a LinkedIn account can now upload videos to their page, a feature that was previously available to only a select test group of users.

Whether it’s uploading a speech you’ve given, a video resume, or a demonstration of a product – there is now a myriad of new opportunities to showcase yourself and your work on LinkedIn.

Uploading a Video to LinkedIn

Adding a video to LinkedIn is as easy as creating a new post on either the iOS or LinkedIn mobile app.

When creating a new post you will now see the option to either record a video in the app itself, or upload a video stored on your device.

Videos can only be shared from the LinkedIn mobile app. There is no way to share them from desktop.

If there’s a video on your desktop computer that you would like to upload to LinkedIn you will first need to transfer it to your mobile device.

Once a video has been uploaded other users can like, share, or comment on it just like any other post.

Video Analytics

LinkedIn also offers video analytics – tracking the top companies, job titles, and locations of viewers.

Video analytics can be found inside the dashboard of your LinkedIn profile. Despite not being able to upload videos via desktop, you will be able to view analytics on desktop.

This feature is rolling out to all users over the next few weeks, so if you don’t yet see the option to post videos you will be able to eventually.