LinkedIn: Top 10 In-Demand Skills In 2023

LinkedIn has just released its annual report on the most in-demand skills for 2023.

The report is based on data gathered from LinkedIn job postings and member activity, providing a unique and valuable perspective on the job market’s current and future needs.

You may be hearing a lot about an economic downturn, but LinkedIn says it isn’t making the job market any less competitive.

There are almost two job openings for every unemployed person in the US.

However, globally, talent shortages have hit a 16-year high, with 75% of employers struggling to find candidates with the right combination of technical and soft skills.

One way to stay competitive is by focusing on the most in-demand skills, which will help businesses ensure they have the talent they need, and that workers can keep their skills current.

So, let’s dive into LinkedIn’s report on the top 10 most in-demand skills for 2023.

Most In-Demand Skills In 2023

LinkedIn’s report shows management is the most in-demand skill for 2023.

As companies grow and expand, the need for skilled managers who can oversee teams, projects, and operations is increasingly important.

In second place is communication.

As teams become more geographically dispersed and companies continue to prioritize teamwork, effective communication across channels and platforms is becoming more valuable than ever.

Customer service skills come in third place.

Companies recognize the need to deliver an outstanding experience to build brand loyalty and drive long-term growth.

Leadership skills are fourth on the list.

Whether leading a small team or an entire organization, the ability to provide guidance, direction, and inspiration is critical for success.

Rounding out the top five are sales skills.

With the rise of e-commerce and the increasing importance of digital channels, sales skills are as valuable as ever.

The complete list of the top 10 most in-demand skills includes:

  1. Management
  2. Communication
  3. Customer service
  4. Leadership
  5. Sales
  6. Project management
  7. Research
  8. Analytical skills
  9. Marketing
  10. Teamwork

LinkedIn’s report provides an additional list of the top 10 in-demand hard skills.

Most In-Demand Hard Skills In 2023

Regarding job performance, hard skills refer to a worker’s expertise in carrying out job-specific tasks.

These abilities typically involve technical knowledge and specialized capabilities necessary to complete their work.

For instance, software engineers might need a deep understanding of cloud computing, SQL, and Java to carry out their duties successfully.

These are the top 10 most in-demand hard skills in 2023:

  1. Software development
  2. SQL
  3. Finance
  4. Python
  5. Java
  6. Data analysis
  7. JavaScript
  8. Cloud computing
  9. Operations
  10. Customer relationship management

In Summary

Among the top 20 most sought-after skills, only two (cloud computing and sales) were featured in the previous study conducted by LinkedIn three years ago.

This shows that the skills businesses require are constantly evolving, making it crucial for employers and employees to keep up with these changes.

LinkedIn’s report suggests that the job market in 2023 will place a premium on soft skills, such as management, communication, and leadership, as well as technical skills, such as data analysis, software development, and cloud computing.

To identify the most sought-after skills, LinkedIn analyzed data from employers, recruiters, and job posters over six months (April to October 2022).

The demand for specific skills was measured by looking at the skills possessed by LinkedIn members who were hired or contacted via InMail, as well as the skills listed in paid job postings.

For more information, see the full report.

Featured Image: Andrii Yalanskyi/Shutterstock