Instagram Tests BeReal Clone ‘Candid Challenges’

Instagram confirms it’s testing a new photo-centric feature called Candid Challenges, which shares similarities with the increasingly popular app BeReal.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi uncovered Candid Challenges, a feature that encourages users to share a selfie every day at a random time.

Candid Challenges exclusively uses Instagram’s dual camera capability, which captures a photo with the front and rear lenses at the same time.

Combining random photos and dual camera mode is a concept that the entire BeReal app is built around.

The idea is for people to create an authentic snapshot of where they are and what they’re doing at a given moment, hence the name “Be Real.”

Launched in 2019, BeReal hit the number one spot in Apple’s App Store in July 2019 and has been downloaded 28 million times.

BeReal has 21.6 million monthly active users, and 2.93 million access the app daily.

Given the rapid growth of BeReal, it’s not surprising that more established apps are starting to mimic its features.

We don’t know how far into the development phase Candid Challenges is or when it may launch, but Instagram confirms to Engadget it’s in testing as an “internal prototype.”

That means only people within the company can access it, unlike a live test with regular users.

It’s interesting to learn Instagram is developing new capabilities built around sharing photos after recently vowing to go all-in on video.

However, Instagram’s shift to video isn’t getting a warm reception from users, with high-profile influencers clamoring for the app to return to its roots.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, confesses that the company has leaned “too far” into video recently.

Candid Challenges could be Instagram’s way of trying to quell the criticism around too much video while also trying to stay relevant with younger generations.

Heralded as Gen Z’s favorite app, BeReal is building a user base by developing a way for people to share authentic content with friends.

Another sticking point with users is Instagram’s propensity to surface content from accounts users don’t follow. People want to see more content from their friends, family, and favorite brands.

BeReal offers an experience that’s in stark contrast with Instagram.

Now, as it has done many times, Instagram is cloning features from a fledgling social media app that’s capturing the attention of today’s youth.

First came stories, which was cloned from Snapchat. Then came Reels, which was cloned from TikTok. Soon we’ll have Candid Challenges, cloned from BeReal.

Sources: Business of Apps, Engadget, The Guardian

Featured Image: mundissima/Shutterstock