Instagram Posts Can Now Be Scheduled in Advance

Instagram is finally introducing a way for users to schedule posts in advance. Specifically, tools that utilize the Instagram Graph API now have the ability to schedule posts.

Hootsuite is one such tool, and the company says the scheduling and publishing of Instagram content is the number one request from its customers. Tools with the Instagram Graph API can allow multiple team members to manage large volumes of content across multiple instagram accounts.

Those with a business profile who are interested in scheduling Instagram posts are asked to work with a Facebook Marketing Partner or Instagram Marketing Partner.

This is not a perfect solution, but hopefully it’s the start of something that will be offered more widely. Scheduling posts natively within the Instagram app would be the most accessible solution, as would giving free apps like Buffer the ability to schedule posts.

It appears that Instagram is gearing this feature toward business and enterprise clients. In addition to scheduling posts, the Instagram Graph API can now show users which posts they’ve been tagged in. Lastly, other business profiles can now be viewed using tools with the Instagram Graph API.

Developers using the old Instagram API will need to migrate to the Instagram Graph API in order to work with these new features. Instagram will end support for the Instagram API Platform, giving developers plenty of time to migrate.