Instagram is Doubling Down on Stories Ads

Instagram is literally doubling down on stories ads in a test that will show back-to-back ads to some users.

According to a report in AdWeek (registration required), this test began last week and will impact a “small percentage” of users.

Instead of showing the usual one ad between stories, Instagram is testing how users will respond to two ads from different brands.

A spokesperson tells AdWeek that Instagram is simply gathering feedback for now, and the focus of the app will remain on the user experience.

Presumably that means if this test is having a negative impact on user experience, per user feedback, then Instagram may decide not to roll this change out more widely.

No further details were provided with regards to how many people are part of the initial test group.

The company spokesperson justifies this test saying 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business, and ads can help people learn more about what a business offers.