: Video Sharing for Internet Marketers

People learn in different ways. Our industry offers a plethora of learning and sharing communities based around linguistic learning styles including blogs, forums, Sphinn, and more. Our industry also offers many auditory learning resources in the form of and podcasts.

Furthermore, our industry has also been among the earliest adopters of video, creating vlogs and paid video tutorials. In order to share these videos, we have been left to utilize the major video sharing platforms, or host them on our own sites. We have not had a unified place to share and comment on videos specific to our industry with users that share our professional and personal tastes. We have not had a video sharing site specifically for the Internet Marketing community.

That is, until today.

Today ,in conjunction with Search & Social and TrafficBlend, announces the launch of, a site dedicated to multimedia for Internet Marketer. is intended to be more than just a simple video sharing site. We are hoping to make it a social platform for our industry, where people can share their thoughts, ideas, questions, as well as their videos.

We designed the site around the concept that not everyone is comfortable enough with the written word to partake in forums. For them we are offering the ability to post questions and comments via channels with specific Internet Marketing topics.

We are hoping that we will create a place that the Internet Marketing community can enjoy their time learning. A site that is more of a community than a portal, and that has content that can help archive the knowledge base of our industry’s thought leaders and learners alike.

To kick off thesite we are going to live stream the first ever Scary SEO during the panel and QA portions of the sessions, both today and tomorrow. Feel free to visit the site, tune into Scary SEO, and join in the chat room with attendees of the conference.

While you’re at, checking out the great content from Scary SEO, besure to register and become an early adopter of this exciting new community.