If You Tweet In A Forest… Blah Blah Blah No One Cares

According to a new study, no one really cares what you’re tweeting.* … #wtvr

Of course, it didn’t really take a study of 1.2 billion tweets to find that out, though at least now we know just how much people don’t care!

No, it didn’t take a study because if you just use Twitter, you’d know it intuitively.

And if you speak to Twitter advertising networks, they’ll admit that their CTRs are terribly low (far below 1%). (Ditto Wayne Liew’s data.) In fact, here’s some campaign data of mine from Ad.ly.

And similarly, other people like Leo Laporte notice that Twitter is really about … wait for it … ME!

Not you…

Not being social…

It’s about me! @Reply me? W000h00000! DM me? Yessss!

Ok, I’m exaggerating.

But it’s a lot easier to just focus on who’s paying attention to you than to go out of your way to pay attention to others (except for news, humour and other tweets with really engaging material, because those feed our reward systems similarly to the attention given us by @replies and DMs.

So what?

Well, for everyone using social media to [officially] you know… be social… you may need to measure the strength of your relationships.

My best guess is that the most effective way to measure the strength of your relationships is something like TwitterBFFs.

Or maybe using friendfeed.

Maybe with the help of lists, as Wayne mentions.

Maybe your friendly neighbourhood HR manager might help out.

And why would you measure the strength of these relationships?

Because what gets measured… gets managed.

*(According to another study**, Wired paraphrased the study in roughly its entirety, adding no unique new value and sold ads on those pageviews. That’s l4me aggregation. Aggregation post via Quebec tech journalist @mcken.)

** Really my own unscientific observation from, y’know… reading the piece.