How To Make Your Website Super Sticky

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What a great feeling it is to land on a stellar page that’s rich with content that jumps out at you. A good user interface is like staring at a plate of Grandmother’s sticky buns. They’re both very enticing.

On the contrary, sites with crappy UI make you feel like you’re lost and wasting your time.

Why is having a sticky website so important? It enhances your site by making it more attractive, fun and rewarding to the user. Let’s go over some benefits.

Benefits Of A Sticky Website

More Time On Site

Frequent visitors will be well informed of new product launches, sales promotions, seasonal offers and any improvements made on your existing products. They’ll become loyal customers, eventually influencing their friends to become customers also.

More Social Sharing

Today, sharing has become even better with the advancement of social media sharing tools. People who are impressed like to share their experiences with others. This helps spread the word about your brand and products on offer, thus boosting your internet marketing campaigns. Subsequently, you will win a larger market share by recruiting new clients, and eventually achieve your competitive edge in that niche.

Better Relationships

A sticky website creates a long-lasting relationship with users and they will become part of the site and product development process. They will always have a reason to visit your site and thus stay informed of any new developments or upcoming events thus grow to trust in your brand.

More Conversions

A sticky website boosts your sales. Repeat visitors become buyers, and subsequently repeat customers. Once loyalty is established, you have a database of must-buy visitors. For first time visitors, trial orders lead to real business and hence increased sales. Though this may take time, you will eventually register profits beyond your imagination. This is how you start rising to the top and eventually become a leader in the field.

Tips To Making Your Site Super Sticky

The internet business scene is fast changing, and so keeping in touch with new developments and industry news will help you stay ahead. The following are some helpful tips for online business owners to make their site more impressionable.

  1. Give it a professional outlook and attractive appearance. People will judge your brand depending on the appearance of your site. A site that has a professional outlook will help establish credibility among the visitors and hence convert them into buyers. Remember that your visitors have limited time to browse through millions of related sites, and so the best favor you can do yourself is create a site that they will stick to. Make it attractive enough to catch their attention. Have the target client in mind when creating the site and ask yourself whether the design and layout can make you want to browse through.

  2. Use a simple interface. Simple links such as to go to the previous page, next page, the top or bottom of page or to the home page are important for anyone who desires to create a sticky website. Browsing through different pages within your site should be easy and fast. If the site looks complicated or difficult to browse through, users will try to avoid it as they will consider it a waste of time. Try to make their life easier by creating a solid UI that makes sense.

  3. Focus on solving the problems and answering the questions of your visitors. People visit your site because they are looking for the right answers and solutions. Whether it is losing weight without pain, ways to save money or link building tactics that won’t leave a footprint, tell them what you have for them. In fact, let your visitors know what you do as soon as they arrive to your home page. Having clear calls to action are one of the simplest ingredients of creating a sticky site.

  4. Introduce your product(s) in a revolutionary way. Your customer base has probably come across so many similar products, some of which did not work. Be the one to tell them why your product is different, and how it is different from all the others.

  5. If possible, offer them a trial version or a free sample of the product. Allowing users to sample your product before ordering will build trust and they will even refer more people. There are those who will buy as soon as they realize that you have a sample, as this is a sign of quality and credibility of your brand.

  6. Interactive sites get sticky SO fast. Make sure visitors are able to leave comments. You never know when that one person leaves a comment that sparks dozens of replies from other users. Also ensure that your social share buttons are in plain sight for quick and convenient sharing. Use poll questions and discussion boards to keep people entertained and on site.

In Summary

Just like Grandmother’s sticky buns, creating a sticky website doesn’t happen overnight. Trial and error is the name of the game and its how we all progress. Consider some of these tips and try implementing them to see how they affect your business for the better! I’d be interested to hear what other special ingredients are being used out there to make sticky sites, so please share!