How is Social Media Changing Search Marketing?

In this month’s video segment I decided to compile several 30 second soundbytes from the recent Social Media Marketing World Conference. I asked several content creators what their thoughts were on how social media is changing search marketing.


  • How Social will impact the way people search: Andrea Vahl, Social Media Examiner
  • Why Social Media is Becoming Search: Sarah Robinson,
  • The Fusion of Social Graph and Search (Mari Smith,
  • The Power of Author Rank in Your SEO Rankings (Beth Hayden,
  • The Role that Active Communities Will Play in Your Search Ranking (Ekaterina Walter, Intel)
  • Why Google + is going to be Extremely Important for Your Success (Ricardo Bueno, Copyblogger)
  • The Impact the Social Media Metrics Will Have on the Future of Content and Search (Jason Miller, Marketo)