How Huge Sites like & Digg Are Integrating Twitter

Twitter is the first social media site the rise and evolution of which I’ve witnessed from the very start. I mean I remember how Facebook started and vaguely used Myspace but I wasn’t an active social media user then. So I was looking “from outside”.

And with Twitter I had an opportunity to be an early adopter and thus to take part in its growth. To be part of its success.

Seeing how it is growing, how the concept is evolving and how it is winning over the well-established players is a huge pleasure. And witnessing how huge businesses and brands are integrating it is another proof of its success.

Huge Sites That Have Twitter Buttons

Youtube: After Google itself got on Twitter, it is no wonder, Youtube added Twitter button in March. There is an invitation to share the page on Twitter right below the video along with Myspace and Facebook buttons.

When clicked, it opens a pop-up with the generated message containing the video title and link to its page:

Digg: Along with launching Diggbar, Digg has integrated Twitter by adding Twitter button to it:

The button opens a new window where you can share your story with one click.

Digg blog also invites to follow the site on Twitter (they maintain quite a few active Twitter profiles for each category).

Xing, a huge multi-language social platform for business networking, added Twitter button in March to enable users “to announce any events [they] ’re organizing or attending on [their] Twitter account”:

Both and have Twitter button as well as many other social media buttons:

Those Who Haven’t Yet Introduced Twitter

CNN offer to share their news across multiple networks but not Twitter, why, I wonder? New York Times offer their readers no way to Tweet their stories either.

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