Google’s YouTube Ads Upgraded With Location Extensions and Store Visits Measurement

Google AdWords has upgraded YouTube ads with location extensions and the ability to measure in-store visits.

According to eMarketer a whopping 90% of global sales will happen in a physical store this year, making store visits measurement all the more pertinent for the upcoming holiday season.

As you may know, both location extensions and store visits measurement have been available for search ads since 2014. This marks the first time any kind of extension has been available for YouTube ads.

YouTube’s location extensions will be available for TrueView in-stream and bumper ads. When people watch a video with a location extension, they will see the address, directions, and opening hours of the business being advertised.

Like AdWords search ads, store visits measurement will track how many people went into a store after viewing one of the business’s ads.

”Now, you can reach more nearby customers when they’re ready to buy and get a better understanding of your offline performance across channels.”

Get started using location extensions on YouTube ads by navigating to the ‘extensions’ tab in AdWords and enabling them. Google says to watch out for more local ad formats powered by location extensions in the coming weeks.