Google Wants to Help YouTube Creators and Brands Make More Money Together

Google has acquired a company called FameBit in an effort to bring in more revenue to the online video community.

The acquisition of FameBit, which describes itself as “an influencer marketing platform for branded content”, is said to increase the number of branded content opportunities for YouTube publishers.

Since 2007, creators and advertisers have been able to earn revenue on YouTube through its partner program. YouTube’s partner program allows creators to monetize content in a number of ways. These include the pre-roll ads that appear before a video loads, and the banner-type ads which linger at the bottom of the screen.

As brands continue to advertise on YouTube, they have started reaching out directly to creators with branded content opportunities.

Have you ever seen a brand prominently displayed in a video from one of your favorite YouTubers? Or how about a video where a brand has been actively incorporated into the video itself?

Those are some examples of branded content, and the creator is more than likely being compensated by the brand for being featured in the video. Branded content may also come in the form of promotions and sponsorships.

Going forward, Google wants to connect more brands with creators to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships. Without going into any specific details, Google claims FameBit’s technology will create even more branded content opportunities and thus bring in more revenue.

”Our hope is that FameBit’s democratized marketplace will allow creators of all sizes to directly connect with brands, as well as provide a great technology solution for companies like MCNs and agencies to find matches for their creators and brand partners.”

Following this acquisition, Google emphasizes that creators will always have the final say in how they work with brands.