Facebook’s “New Profile”

Facebook has a strong tendency of making updates to their profile, newsfeed, or other aspects of their site — and a strong history of notably mixed reactions from Facebook users. This time, Facebook has made some substantial changes to the profile page, but only released them to users who activate the “new profile” option.

Facebook is promoting the new profile internally, and a notification is visible both on the home page, profile page, and the profile pages of those who are currently using the new profile. They have provided information that lets users choose whether they want the update, and have even included a video promotion.

They seem to be taking the changes much more seriously this time around by giving users both information and options. The update offers a new layout that shows off more pictures, information, and has some interesting organization features.

The layout starts with a blast of information about you, giving people a very brief idea of who you are. It will display your name, education, location, employment, relationship status, birthday, hometown, and the languages you speak. Right below this new heading, five pictures (in addition to your profile pic) in which you have been “tagged” recently will be displayed.

Other visually-oriented changes are also being put into place. Your interests and “likes” are more visual than ever, and are displayed as rows of images relevant to the interest itself (for example, having “Star Wars” as an interest will show a picture of Star Wars poster art).

There are a couple new organization features as well. You can show your relationships based on which “category” they fall into (“best friends,” “school alumni,” “coworkers,” etc.), and these categories will display when people visit your profile. Additionally, when people visit your profile, they will immediate see not only mutual friends, but shared interests, events, groups, and pictures.