Facebook Updates How Dynamic Ads Work

Facebook is changing how Dynamic Ads work. To help drive more sales, Facebook will show even more targeted product ads to users based on a recipe that includes their browsing activity, Facebook behavior, and demographics.

Launched in 2015, Facebook’s ad format let you dynamically promote your products (via remarketing) in the News Feeds of people who had recently visited your website or app.

Using Facebook Dynamic Ads, you could advertise all of your products, customizing your ad targeting in different ways to reach specific types of shoppers and stages of the consumer journey.

Heading forward, Facebook Dynamic Ads will go beyond remarketing by looking at factors including:

  • A user’s web browsing activity.
  • Its treasure trove of user behavior data (e.g., likes, clicks).
  • Demographics.

Facebook wants to help brands find more users who have demonstrated intent to purchase a certain product. Rather than only remarketing to the people who already know about your brand, these ads will help advertisers actually reach new customers (and potentially steal a sale from a rival).

For example, imagine someone is looking to buy a new laptop. Facebook knows this because this person has visited a variety of websites that sell laptops and also liked a Facebook post or page (from one of your rivals) about laptops. Even if that person never visited your website or liked your Facebook page, you can now make sure that person sees your offer via Facebook’s dynamic ads.

For now, Facebook’s Dynamic Ads are only available to U.S. retailers and ecommerce brands. However, Facebook will reportedly expand availability of the ad format to more countries in coming months.

Image Credit: DepositPhotos