Facebook Marketing: Why Should You Care?

Source: Facebook Sign Up Page

You may have a new business, but there’s a great chance that you’ve heard about Facebook Marketing. It won’t even come as a surprise if you’re experimenting with the social network right now and see how it can help your business.

Social media marketing is becoming more and more important for businesses, as it is great to be found by and engage with potential buyers on the Web. People are now using the Internet to look for solutions to their problems, and they now ignore promotional messages on DVRs, caller IDs, and spam filters. The question now is: Will you be there to help your audience in need?

What Is Facebook?

Launched in 2004, Facebook is a social networking site designed to let people connect with those around them, such as family, friends, colleagues, and other like-minded people. However, it was originally created as a closed community for college students. But since then, it expanded beyond schools, and it was able to reach corporations, schools, and many users across the world. Aside from that, the social network allows a user to connect and share information in various ways.

Why Facebook Marketing is Important?

Facebook now has around 900 million users, and it will only be a matter of time before it reaches one billion. In fact, Compete.com reported that it is the second most popular website next to Google, while ComScore shares that it is the most popular social network.

If you think that this social media website is just for teens, think again. Facebook houses thousands of work-related, collegiate, and high-school networks. According to InsideFacebook, around two thirds of Facebook users in the United States are outside of the college demographic, with users ages 26-64 make up over half of the network’s user base.

Facebook may be a social networking site, but it is not designed to waste your time. It is not a community for teenagers anymore. Given the fact that it is a great tool for connecting with the people around you, Facebook gives you the opportunity to expand your online presence with your prospects and engage with them directly.

It may be difficult at first to figure out how you can take advantage of the social network giant for your business; it may even be more difficult to convince your business partners that it can work. But given the right knowledge and tools, it is possible to leverage your brand with Facebook.