Facebook Makes it Easier to Understand Why an Ad is Shown

Facebook will now provide even more detail when users click on “Why am I seeing this ad?”

In an effort to address concerns about the information being hard to understand Facebook is making two changes.

More Reasons Why

Facebook will show people more reasons why a particular ad was served to them.

Previously, “Why am I seeing this ad?” displayed one or two of the most relevant reasons why an ad was shown.

Usually, that would consist of demographic information or website browsing history.

Now, users will see more detailed information such as interests or categories that may have led them to be targeted by a certain ad.

In addition, Facebook will be clear about where it received information about a user’s interests.

Controls will also be available to help users adjust how ads are served to them.

Updates to Ad Preferences

The ad preferences section will now show users more information about businesses that have uploaded lists with their information in it.

Users can find out which advertiser uploaded a list with their information and used it to run at least one ad in the past 7 days.

This section will show users any businesses that uploaded a list with their information in it.

Users can see which business first uploaded the list, as well as any advertisers that used the list in the past 90 days.