Does Social Media Branding for Businesses Matter?

Source: Facebook Infographic | Lab24

If you’re wondering whether social media branding works for businesses, Lab42 posted an infographic saying that it really matters. The market research company surveyed 1,000 social media users and asked them how they interact with brands on Facebook. As it turns out, a Facebook Page is more useful than a brand’s official website.

What the Facebook Users Say

According to Lab24’s infographic, 87 percent of users Like brands on Facebook, while 13 percent of them don’t. Those who are a fan of a business on the social network say that the website is a good place for them to interact with brands. In addition, 35 percent of them feel that companies and organizations listen to them more on Facebook.

This explains why 50 percent of users believe that brand’s Facebook Page is more useful than a website. But here’s the million dollar question: What encourages a user to like a business page on the social network?

According to Lab24’s research, 34 percent of users Like a brand to get promotion and discounts. There are also those who Like a page to get free giveaways or because they are the business’ loyal customers. Thus, consumers use their Facebook connection with a brand to print coupons, like or comment on their post, or learn about new products.

In turn, 77 percent of Facebook users who Like a brand say that they were able to save money. In fact, 66 percent of them saved more than $20 in the past year, while 17 percent of them saved over $100.

On the other hand, 46 percent of Facebook users who Liked a page did not intend to buy any items from a brand. That’s because majority of them wanted a free item, even though some of them can afford the brand’s product. Additionally, minority of a brand’s fans Like their page to help out a friend.

While there are a lot of reasons why a user would Like a Facebook page, there are also reasons why 73 percent of users would unlike a page:

  1. Brand posted too frequently
  2. Stopped liking the brand
  3. Bad customer experience

In relation to this, 22 percent of users don’t Like a Facebook page because they are too embarrassed about the brand’s products. This includes adult novelty items, diet or weight loss products, and health and wellness.

This means that in order for business to encourage a user to Like their page, they have to post less often, allow fans to hide that they Like a page, and give more freebies.