Discussion of Personal Privacy and Facebook on #SocialChat

#SocialChat is a weekly discussion of the best practices in Social Media Marketing hosted every Monday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern by Alan K’necht (@aknecht) of Digital Always Media and me (@SocialMichelleR).

We started the chat in January of 2011, and since then it has become an event that many of our core participants look forward to every Monday. Please enjoy the highlights of the discussion of Personal Privacy about Facebook last Monday, September 10.

Q1: When was the last time you checked your app settings in Facebook to see which apps have access to your personal data?

SocialMichelleR @aknecht A1 Well, since we’ve been talking about it so much, I’ve checked it all within the last few days.

GabieKur A1) I don’t check app permissions very often but, in all honesty, I don’t allow many access to preserve my privacy.
wordwhacker A 1 Like yesterday. I check all my app permissions once a week. All platforms
aknecht I personally check all apps before accepting them to see what data they require. Then every 1-2 weeks to see if I actually us it.

Q2: Do you know where to click to see how much info you are sharing to third-party apps? And, do you feel like your clients understand all of the privacy settings on Facebook?

KosherReviews @SocialMichelleR it’s Account Settings/Apps (lef column) then click on the name of the app to see what info you’re giving them.

wordwhacker @aknecht A 2 Duh. You go to your permissions on FB or Twitter. Mypermissions (dot) org does it for you, though
LoisMarketing Be careful in saying “Duh” or having that attitude. Most do not understand settings, permissions .. or — frankly — SoMe!
SocialMichelleR @LoisMarketing It’s shocking how much basic level stuff users don’t know. That’s why we wanted to discuss this.
jebbing9 @SocialMichelleR A2. Many do not understand. Goes both ways. Some too lax and some way too strict.

Q3: Do you feel users really understand how much info apps collect on Facebook?

PopCosmo @digitalalways @aknecht I don’t. I think a lot of people think “what harm could there be?”

aknecht @PopCosmo not until they’re the victims of identify theft.
LovelyLu A3 The average user definitely doesn’t understand
kmullett A3: far to few of users know how to control the settings let alone want to make the effort to figure it out.

Q4: So what do you do to train clients, friends, family? Anything?

Q5: What would be your advice to parents of kids with Facebook accounts?

CrysWiltshire @aknecht A5: Wait until u think they are mature & control the password for first while at least. Control all privacy settings.


On Monday, September 17, we will be discussing the Synergy of SEO and Social Media with substitute host Jim Hedger (@JimHedger) of Webcology and Digital Always Media.

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