Create a Branded Social-Sharing Bar with Apture

Last week I had some great time speaking to Apture representative who encouraged me to go ahead and give their tool a try at Before I share my experience with you, go ahead and see the service in action at my site (scroll a bit and notice a well-branded bar above the screen allowing you to share the page):

The Apture bar allows the user to do the following:

  • Share the page on Twitter and Facebook (these also work as count buttons instantly showing how many times the page has already been shared so far);
  • Share the page via email;
  • Search the web for anything you want without ever leaving the page:
    • The search will open in a tiny pop-up;
    • The search results will open in new tabs

Note: one of the latest service update was introducing “Multiple Site Search” – which allows you to let users searvh within your network of sites – cool!

I shared the tool with a few friends and all of them loved it: the bar really looked both engaging and clutter-free!

The script was pre-made for me, so to get the full understanding of the process I decided to go ahead and create the bar for my other site, Sexy Social Media.

Here’s what the process looks like:

1. Go to this page to create your Apture bar first. What you will need to provide at that page is the following:

  • Your site URL;
  • Your email address;
  • The logo you want to use on the bar;
  • The base color and the color effect (shaded bar or pure color):

The page will allow you to instantly preview your bar:

2. After hitting “Get My Bar” you instantly get the code to add before closing /body tag in your page code:

3. You should also activate your Apture account (by clicking a link in the email) to unlock some further features:

  • Customize the bar entrance point
  • Set your Twitter name to use in the generated Tweet;
  • Setup your Amazon affiliate ID to make money from Apture
  • Get Stats weekly about how your readers are using your Apture Search Bar.

The stats looks impressive by the way. Here’s what I received after a few days of running the bar:

4. Learn additional tutorial to make the most of the great service:

  • How to make a logo compatible with the bar
  • How to color match the bar to your site
  • How to store the amazon affiliate code in Apture so you can make money from products purchased in the bar
  • Video guide on searching