Converting Social Media Haters Into Social Media Lovers

Have you noticed the online war going on in the digital sphere? We’re talking about the Social Media Haters vs. Social Media Lovers.

Despite most businesses and marketers nowadays have embraced social media and incorporated it into their marketing strategy, there are still a few traditionalists who steer away from the social media bandwagon as much as possible. There are a few naysayers, too, who claim that this modern marketing tactic is a mere waste of time.

Well, if you’re a social media lover, you should understand that this reaction is common, just like in every cultural movement. But how can you convince social media haters that there is more than just liking, sharing, tweeting, poking, digging, and stumbling? Here are some effective arguments you can use to convince traditional media users that social media is worthwhile and valuable, not a threat.

Social media is a marketing platform.

Brand exposure is one benefit that marketers found from using social media. In a research conducted by Pagemodo, 64 percent of business owners say that social media marketing is a “promising tactic,” though they favor a more cautious approach. This is when traditional methods meet modern approach. Basic marketing techniques, such as market segmentation and product placement, can still be applied in a marketing campaign using social media.

Social media is a communications tool.

Businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon because that’s where people are. It’s a fact that social media can’t reach everyone, but it’s another fact that social media users are growing by the minute. It finds and reaches a huge demographic, ranging from all walks of life. Statistics show that more and more people are now getting involved in social networks; Facebook alone has 500 million active users as of 2011. That’s why, businesses need to engage in conversation online and start including social media in their marketing toolbox.

Social media is convenient and accessible.

Social media changed the way we communicate. It is more convenient and more accessible than ever before. Moreover, it enhances consumer experience as it lets Internet-savvy customers to personally interact with a company or business. There is a real-time discussion and communication occuring, and it results to a nurtured and sustained relationship between the consumers and businesses.

Social media is interactive.

Social media is simply a hub where both businesses and consumers can participate in discussions real time. Unlike traditional marketing platforms that are pretty much passive in terms of communication, social media engages users and encourages to express their ideas and give valuable feedback. Social media also helps businesses to strengthen consumer loyalty and eventually build a steadfast community of customers.

Social media is here to stay.

Social media has evidently dominated the Internet and firmly secured itself into the modern culture. This is one more reason businesses need to consider employing social media into their marketing strategy and adapt to the ever-changing playing field.

This is not to say that social media is the one and only marketing strategy worth executing and investing in. Just like other marketing campaigns and techniques, social media sure has its own rewards. In a nutshell, social media is a valuable weapon in your media arsenal that you ignore at your peril.

So have you have come across a social media hater? Share your experiences in the comments!

Image Source: Courtesy of Curly via Flickr