Conducting Your Client’s Keyword Research

Even though you are a professional search marketer, you might still get nervous when meeting a new client for the first time. Regardless, you should bear in mind that you don’t need to prove anything. That’s because your first meeting with your client should be all about them, and not about what you know on keyword research. Talking to them is your chance to acquire outside perspective on how they view their products.

Let your client do the talking, and follow these tips whenever you’ll do a keyword research for a client

Let the Customer Describe Their Products or Services

Always ask you client to explain their business in their own terms even if they are more likely to retell what’s written on their website, social media page, or brochure. Take note of the jargons that they use, and point out to them if they’ll need to change the way they define their products.

Know what Makes Their Business Unique

It’s important to know what makes your client’s business unique because it can give you an idea of what keywords to use. That way, you can incorporate relevant search queries on their content that will help them rank on search engines. It will also give you an idea on what keywords to avoid.

Compare Their Products with Non-competitors

It would also be ideal if you know what products they think are similar to their non-competitors. Doing so will help you refine your research. That’s because similar keywords may have different meaning and effect for various brands and their respective market.

Know Their Most Profitable Products or Services

To know which keywords can generate the most income for your client, learn what is their most profitable product or service. Instead of exploring an entire product line, you already have a list of what search queries to emphasize on your client’s content.

Ask Their Top 10 Important Keywords

When it comes to keywords researching, there are two types of businesses: Those who think that they need to rank for all of their keywords, and those who think that ranking for just one search term will solve their problem. Chances are that single query is a common term with high competition. Asking your client for their ten most important keywords lets your determine their perspective about search queries.  It will also help you know what terms to include in your final research.


Letting your clients describe their business, what makes it unique, its similarities to other brands, their priorities, and the profitable products can help you save time on keyword research. Most importantly, it will help you set your priorities to attain your client’s expectations.


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