A Pin is Worth 25% More In Sales This Year, Piqora Reports

New data released by Piqora and TechCrunch states that pins may have more selling power than tweets or content on Facebook. The report states that a single pin generates on average $0.78. This is an increase of almost $0.20 since this time last year.

One of the other reasons that pins generate more website views and re-pins than Twitter, where the retweet rate is only 1.4%. The Piqora data states that on average, each pin delivers 2 website visits, 6 page views, and over 10 re-pins.

The Power of Pinterest

The Piqora data isn’t the only data other Pinterest analytics tracking sources have been reporting. In October 2013, Mashable reported that a new Shareaholic report said that Pinterest was responsible for almost 4% of all traffic to publishers in September 2013. This makes it the second highest social network traffic referrer, which is Facebook.

Twitter followed behind Pinterest, at third place. The Shareaholic report also stated that Pinterest’s overall visits share increased 66% this year. But perhaps the main takeaway from the post (as well as its title) was: “Pinterest now drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined.”

Pinterest Growth

Pinterest continues to grow, especially after raising $225 million in October 2013. This brings its valuation to $3.8 billion. As of July 2013, Pinterest had 700 million members, 500,000 of which are businesses.

How do you use Pinterest for business?

Image via Pinterest HQ Flickr.