7 Must Have Characteristics of a Corporate Brand Ambassador


Today’s competition among brands for a particular niche is really tough and challenging. If this is not addressed properly, you will find yourself in the midst of brand giants that will bury your brand’s popularity. As an SEO professional, you should be able to find ways to deal with this and develop unique ways to stand out among the crowd. A popular solution is through the use of a brand persona. Susan Gunelius said “Your brand is like a person with its own distinct personality”.

As mentioned, the use of brand persona is popular. You have seen Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods associated with many sports brands. Via the phenomenon of transference, the star’s fame and popularity brings goodwill to the brand they are promoting.

So is it a must that your corporate brand ambassador is a celebrity? Definitely not. Your choice can be someone that works for you but he/she must possess these 7 characteristics:

1. Knowledgeable and Innovative in marketing brands

Knowledgeable – Becoming a brand ambassador means that a person is automatically a marketing representative of the company. However, it doesn’t mean that he needs a degree in Marketing. He only needs to understand the market and a brief idea of his role to play. He will then just undergo some training to improve his skills. Know their previous experience in marketing a product. Ask questions during the interview and you will have an idea on how much time is needed for training the person.

Tools – briefly introduce the use of company marketing tools to your brand persona. Show him what he needs to properly market the brand, be it apparels, caps, tumblers, social media etc. He must be familiar with everything he is using to properly carry your brand wherever he goes.

Being innovative –You brand ambassador should be able to develop ways to improve the program with the Project Manager. As he is in the field and sees the day-to-day activities, he is able to identify issues and trends that people embraces. He should be able to make useful suggestions and improvements for the benefit of the brand and consumer engagement.

2. Professional speaker

Ensure that your brand ambassadors are proactively initiating conversation with others in promoting your brand’s product; be it goods or services. He should be comfortable in engaging healthy discussions and be warm in dealing with difficult people.

A perfect example is Lewis Hamilton’s appointment as the global brand ambassador for Petronas Syntium:

“As the brand ambassador, Hamilton will be the face of the company’s range of Petronas Syntium products “He will also participate in a number of Petronas’ global marketing, communications and promotional programs and activities,” Petronas said.

As the brand ambassador, Hamilton is then expected to be dynamic in dealing with people. He must be well informed with the product he is promoting. A good level of awareness over the industry is also very critical. Everything that he says will reflect the company’s stand on issues thus; we cannot discount the need for a diplomatic but at the same time engaging speaker.

A product’s quality and image is being carried by the person representing it. A brand ambassador should not just speak for it; he needs to be the voice of the brand itself. If he does, people will clearly see the connection between him and the brand. A few moments where a speaker cannot introduce the product properly, may mean a lifetime of brand humiliation. The audience will not just lose their interest towards your product but also remember the shame that happened for a long period of time.

Remember that the presentation of your product and brand is being placed on the hands of your brand ambassador. As such, his purpose is to build a connection between your products and your audience through his image. Take note that no matter how great your product is, if it’s not delivered properly to the public, it would be useless as they will not spend time or attention into trying it.

3. Leader

The main purpose of a brand ambassador is to embody the values, the character and the overall image inherent to the brand. He needs to stir up thoughts associated with owning the product. This way, he leads the customers not only to buying the product but also to their self fulfillment associated with possessing it.

Brand ambassadors are experts in speaking for and on behalf of your product. It’s natural for them to emphasize the benefits in a persuading manner. They develop good image and perception towards your events that’s why they can be the front people to talk to your guests.


Credibility of your ambassador is very important. You will not get someone with bad record, malicious life style and despicable personality. Normally, customers tend to give a lot of trust to your employees view about your company and its product. It’s because they have lesser stake than the top management. If your staff speak well of your product, it’s a plus to your promotion.

A known and respected authority over a niche like bloggers, small publishers and others gain so much empathy and affection from their audience. That’s why it’s better to have these people for your brand rather than the extremely expensive advertising campaigns.

5. Relationship Builder

Speaking for your brand is one thing, building a solid relationship is another, and the latter is more important. Your ambassador’s face-to-face encounters with your target audience are very significant as these create the opportunity to build a relationship between your customer and your brand. Seize the opportunity by getting the right person to represent the brand.

The best brand ambassadors are those who actually experienced your product. Often, they are the people within your customer base and not your employees. Monitor your brand’s online image. There you will see and identify customers who earnestly promotes your product. Find out the scope of their influence by following their blogs and social media circles.

Your ambassador is not just a display to your events. He needs to experience it to add value to his job. He needs to ensure that the customers are happy and are positively impacted in every event.

6. Team Player

Indeed, brand ambassadors should be high-caliber people. But more than this, they should see themselves as part of the team. They must remove the misconception that they are the sole reason for your sales and popularity. This way, you ensure that your team works harmoniously and all issues prevented.

What exactly is a “brand ambassador”? It ranges from the owner and the board of directors; those who possess the greatest interest in seeing the company and its products succeed, to the employees: those who work to ensure that the very details are covered. These ambassadors need to settle any issues to effectively promote a brand. What’s worse is to see your very employees destroying your brand image.

7. Tech-Adequate

Your ambassadors should be updated to the latest trends that people recognize. Today, people are very much inclined to the use of social media. Therefore, your ambassadors should not be only literate in opening your computer but also passionate in using the social media tools in campaigning for your brand. Let them explore and develop ways to promote your brand worldwide by generating high traffic to sites that promotes your product.

The best example for this is the winner of Daytona’s Digital Race, Danica Patrick and Go Daddy. She understands not only how social media works but also its potential in tapping people worldwide. With over 700,000 followers, she generated so much traffic to Go Daddy’s site by updating the fans of the happenings in the racing including behind-the-scene information and insider interviews with Danica. This then makes Danica not only an image to Go Daddy’s business but also an essential key to driving her own fans to her long time sponsor.


Selecting the right brand ambassador (brand persona) is an essential part of your marketing strategy. You need to maximize this wonderful opportunity n building up your brand. Pick the right person with the right skills. Did you consider having a brand ambassador? Does your brand ambassador exhibit the core values of your company? Remember your ambassador personifies your corporate brand, choose the best image you want to display.


Featured Image: nito103 via Depositphotos