7 Books to Read About Building A Community From Scratch

When a company first starts out, they have many challenges to face. Establishing a brand, marketing themselves to a particular demographic, bringing in the first quarter of profits…it is a lot to handle. Most businesses also spend that time focusing purely on their product, a natural inclination that can have some consequences.

It is impossible to deny the importance of product development. But what about people development? When you have to compete with more well known businesses, how do you show potential customers that you are a brand they should trust?

This is called a user acquisition strategy, and many startups fail to recognize the importance from the very beginning. These seven books can teach you more about the value of building a community from scratch.

Considered one of the better manuals for small businesses on the market, Ready, Fire, Aim works to break down successful entrepreneur plans into four stages. One of those is all about creating a link between you and your demographic. Being self made and incredibly accomplished, Michael Masterson is a great resource for information.

2. Viral Loop by Adam Penenburg

An important element of community building in today’s business world is social media and the use of viral content. NYU journalism professor Adam Penenburg explores this concept through various case studies. You can find a ton of information that shows the benefits of digital media in user connection for the modern age.

Go step by step through the process of customer and relationship development with this handy guide from business gurus Steve Bank and Bob Dorf.. Considered of the most useful training manuals on the subject ever written, it covers all stages for startups hoping to build a really effect user acquisition blueprint.

Focus on both product development and customer satisfaction at the same time with this innovative approach to startups. Cutting out the frills, it gets to the heart of sustainable businesses. All by showing you faster ways to reach milestones, rapid product development without quality control mistakes and learning what customers want for adapting your brand and establishing user loyalty.

From customer community building, to the importance of fostering a community among your employees or startup team, this is all about relationships in business. Learn to leverage your contacts and build lasting relationships to better your profits.

How does a company like, say, PayPal or Mint manage to gain customers when they ask for something as sensitive as financial information? All while being entirely online based, and so getting that info in spite of identity theft fears? It is all about trust, and this book covers the fundamentals of trust based selling.

7. Privacy Payoff by Ann Cavoukian, Tyler Hamilton and Don Tapscott

Want to know the secret of gaining the loyalty of customers from the very beginning? According to this book, it is through offering privacy to your customers. Since this is a lesson that is very important for startups, which naturally face more scrutiny than established brands, it is a good one to check out.

Do you know of a book on user acquisition or community building that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments.