6 New Features In The Latest Threads App Update From Instagram

Explore new features in the latest Threads app update, including a list of your likes, rel=me support, and alt text for images.

  • Instagram’s Threads has introduced six new features in the latest app update.
  • Users can now easily see all the Threads posts they’ve liked by accessing a specific option in settings.
  • Added support for image alt-text and rel=me links for verifying accounts on platforms like Mastodon.

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, announced several updates to the Threads app, a platform designed to foster more text-based conversations.

The latest updates seem aimed at enhancing user engagement and functionality.

Screenshot from Threads, August 2023

1. Send Threads Posts As Instagram Direct Messages

Users can now share threads in Instagram Direct Messages by tapping the “Send on Instagram” option.

2. Keep Track Of Your Likes

There’s an entirely new way to view all liked threads. Users can navigate to their profile settings and tap on Your Likes to see all Threads posts they have enjoyed recently.

3. Sort The List Of Accounts You Follow

Moreover, the capacity to sort the accounts you follow by latest or earliest was introduced.

Users can tap the number of accounts following them on their profile, tap on the following tab, and sort the Threasd accounts by latest or earliest followed.

4. Add ALT Text For Images

Adding custom alt-text to images and videos has been made possible, reflecting a more accessible-friendly approach.

5. Rel=me Support For Identity Verification

Seemingly in support of decentralized social networks, Threads now supports rel=me links, enabling users to verify their identity on platforms like Mastodon.

6. A New Button For Mentions

Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned a new mention button on Threads profiles that allows users to mention someone in a new Threads post.

Screenshot from Threads, August 2023

Alternatively, users can type in the @ symbol to get suggestions when creating a new Threads post.

New Updates Based On User Feedback

The updates to Instagram’s Threads app reflect a strategic move to enhance user experience and offer more control over content.

This advancement is pertinent as it opens up new opportunities for engagement, personalization, and identity verification for business owners and brands.

Users are encouraged to share feedback often to ensure that the Threads app offers the most engaging social experience.

Featured image: Adryan Samuel Hutagalung/Shutterstock