3 Actual Uses of Twitter Lists

Twitter lists have been introduced just a couple of weeks ago and it is still not really clear to many people how the lists can be used. Let’s take a look at just three examples of how the lists can turn useful:

1. Create a Group Tweet Widget

Say you are part of some team or a community and you want to create a collaborative widget of what you all Tweet about. Twitter lists can be a perfect way to do that:

  • Go to Twitter List Widget generator;
  • Provide your user name, list name and title (Setting tab);
  • Customize the look and feel (Preferences, Appearance and Dimensions tabs);
  • Grab the code and let your team members add it to their personal pages and blogs:

2. Subscribe to Lists by RSS

What can be a better use of a Twitter list than the ability to stalk the group of people more effectively. While Twitter (surprisingly) doesn’t allow to subscribe to a list by RSS, there are already external tools for that!

TwiterList2RSS is a good example:

  • Just create the list of people you really want to subscribe to (be very selective);
  • Grab the list link;
  • Go to the tool and provide the list link:

Here’s an example of our collective S&S Twitter list:

3. Monitor Popular Lists, Promote Lists

There will be plenty of Twitter lists directories and trackers, right now we already have one good example – Listorious. The site tracks popular and new lists as well as allows to share your own lists:

  • Find popular media lists;
  • Find popular news lists;
  • Find popular marketing lists;
  • Search Twitter lists;
  • See most popular tags;
  • Submit your own list!