25 Facts You Need to Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge social platform with 367 million monthly active users.

Just look at its growth throughout the years.

As a marketer, this means Pinterest is a promising platform to showcase your brand.

But do you know everything there is to know about Pinterest?

Here are 25 Pinterest facts to turn your head.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Pinterest

Yes, you know that Pinterest is a colorful, fun social bookmarking site.

But here are facts you probably don’t know about it.

1. There Are Over 200 Billion Pins on Pinterest

Need a little boost of inspiration for your brand?

Head over to Pinterest and browse through billions of beautiful, unique, funny, thoughtful, and motivating pins.

2. 72% of Pinterest Users Are Women

This is compared to 19% of men and 9% unspecified.

3. 83% of Users Make a Purchase After Seeing a Brand’s Content on Pinterest

The unbranded searches on Pinterest are high: 97%.

This gives you a huge opportunity to put your brand’s content in front of your audience when they’re in the early stages of the buying process.

Who knows? Your brand might have the idea they’re looking for.

4. Pinterest Is the Third Biggest Social Network in the U.S.

At the close of 2019, Pinterest overtook Snapchat as America’s third most popular social network.

It now has 88 million monthly active users, next only to Facebook and Instagram.

5. Pinterest Garnered $400 Million in Revenue in the Last Quarter of 2019 Alone

Of this amount, $350 million was generated in the U.S. and $50 million internationally.

6. Pinterest Is the Only Social Network to Make It Into the Top 10 Relevant Brands in the U.S.

It ranks #10, behind huge companies like Apple, Android, Disney, and Spotify.

7. 98% of Users Say They’ve Tried Something New They Found on Pinterest

Pinterest users are curious, open, and creative.

If your brand has the “IT factor” they’re looking for, you have a huge chance of converting them.

8. 83% of Weekly Users Have Made a Purchase Based on Brand Content on Pinterest

If you know your audience and what they love, you can easily push them down the buyer journey with your Pinterest content.

9. International Pinterest Users Are Growing in Number

There are now over 247 billion monthly active users on Pinterest from outside the U.S.

What’s more, Pinterest expects its international base to further outpace its U.S. base in the future.

10. Video Views on Pinterest Grew 6x From 2018 to 2019

You already know how popular video is in marketing.

It’s not less so on Pinterest, where video views grow steadily year by year.

11. Pinterest Launched Video Reactions in Q4 of 2019

This gives users even more ways to interact with video content on the platform.

12. ‘Life Moments’ Is a Popular Search Term on Pinterest

Life moments include:

  • Wedding season (1 billion searches per year).
  • New home (3 million searches per year).
  • New baby (646 million searches per year).
  • Gifts (566 million searches per year).
  • Car buying (81 million searches per year).

Pins featuring life moments have a 22% higher sales lift.

13. The Average Pinterest Users Types in Eight Searches Per Month

That adds up to 2 billion searches a month!

14. 40% of Fathers in the U.S. Use Pinterest

Yes, women dominate the world of Pinterest.

But that doesn’t mean men aren’t active on the platform.

In fact, U.S. dads are more active on Pinterest than any other Pinner.

They search 62% more than the average user!

15. 85% of Pinners Use the Platform on Their Phones

You know what that means.

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile yet, it’s about time to do it.

16. 48% of Pinners Use the Platform for Shopping

For comparison, it’s only 14% on Facebook.

17. A 2:3 Aspect Ratio Works Best for Pins

Your audience won’t appreciate blurry or truncated pins.

To avoid this, use high-quality vertical images for your boards.

The 2:3 aspect ratio is best. For example, 1000 x 1500 pixels.

18. Building a Story into Your Brand’s Video Content Fosters Engagement

Users watch promotional videos with a storyline 32% longer than videos without one.

Don’t worry. Your story doesn’t have to be long and complex.

Adding a little human factor will go a long way to ramp up engagement.

Also, video assets work better than photos stitched together to make a video.

19. Putting Your Brand Name in Your Pin’s Description Field Drives 2x Higher Awareness

Your pin’s description field is a goldmine of information for your audience.

Use it wisely and don’t be too subtle.

20. Pins That Are Consistent with Landing Pages Have Higher Conversion Rates

Your audience clicks on your link because they’re interested in your pin.

This means if your landing page is too different from your pin, they’ll likely feel frustrated and leave.

In fact, consistent pins and landing pages have a 13% higher conversion rate.

21. Mentioning Pricing in the Description Drives Higher Sales

This sounds surprising, as we’re told to hold of pricing details until buyers are engaged with our product.

However, mentioning your price in the pin description leads to 28% more sales.

22. Showing Someone Using Your Product Results in 67% More Sales

Pinners want to see your product in action.

So, grab a model and show them loving what you sell.

23. Using a Call-to-Action in Your Pin Description Can Lead to 70% Higher Email Conversions

Use powerful call-to-action words like “discover” and “learn” to spark up subscriptions.

24. Pinners Love Home Content

In fact, 56 million Pinners engage with content featuring outdoor bars, Indian living rooms, outdoor fountains, and more.

25. 9.5 Million Pinners Are Interested in Financial Services Content

Pinners don’t only use the platform to find gift-wrapping ideas.

They’re on the platform for serious, life-changing decisions too.

Making the Most Out of Your Pinterest Campaign

You can be bold on Pinterest.

It’s all about knowing what your audience is searching for and putting it in front of them.

Use stunning photos, tell stories with video, craft powerful CTAs.

Because there’s a ton of users on Pinterest, you’ll see your conversions soar.

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