24 Interesting CMOs Worth Following on Twitter

It’s really surprising that more chief marketing officers (CMOs) aren’t on Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong – some CMOs totally get it. In fact, this article highlights 24 CMOs that you absolutely should follow on Twitter.

But, according to a search on LinkedIn, more than 30,000 people have the title of CMO.

You would think that all of them would be on Twitter by now, promoting their brand and engaging with customers. After all, social media is kind of a big deal.

Another big problem is that, while a great many CMOs have an account, they are seriously underutilizing Twitter. Some accounts I looked at to put this list together have been dormant for months – or, in some cases, years.

C’mon, CMOs!

Learn from these 24 interesting CMOs worth following on Twitter.

Leslie Berland (@leslieberland): This seems like the fitting place to start – with Twitter’s own CMO. In addition to retweeting big news about Twitter, Berland is a proud mama who frequently tweets praise and thanks to others, especially her team and co-workers.

Linda Boff (@lindaboff): GE’s chief marketing officer tweets about marketing, media, and – as you’d expect – technology. Boff also tweets and retweets stories with a focus on storytelling, leadership, and creativity.

Chris Capossela (@chriscapossela): As someone who appreciates great storytelling, Capossella, Microsoft’s CMO, aims to talk about all the great things Microsoft is doing to turn make believe into reality – from Xbox, to Surface, to the Internet of Things.

Norman de Greve (@ndegreve): The Chief Marketing Officer for CVS Health calls himself a fan of innovation, creativity, and empathy. You’ll also find a variety of tweets on the latest news about CVS, health care, and the retail industry.

David Edelman (@davidedelman): If you live at the intersection of healthcare, digital, and technology, then you need to follow Aetna’s chief marketing officer. You’ll also find Edelman regularly tweeting about building better patient experiences, fitness, and leading a digital marketing team.

Seth Farbman (@sethfarbman): Seriously, does it get any better than being the CMO of Spotify? Follow Farbman for all the latest tweets about marketing and music streaming.

Morgan Flatley (@MorgsF): Follow Flatley’s on Twitter and you’ll discover that this McDonald’s CMO (and former Gatorade CMO) is passionate about building great brands.

Jon Iwata (@coastw): IBM’s SVP, Marketing & Communications tweets about how technology, data, and AI – and, yes, IBM – are transforming business and the world. Follow Iwata to see what amazing tech we can soon look forward to.

Allie Kline (@alliekline): You’ll find the CMO of Oath tweeting about trailblazing women, as well as female leadership and entrepreneurship.

Ann Lewnes (@alewnes): The EVP and CMO for Adobe is obsessed with marketing, media, movies, music, and design. Watch out for lots of tweets on these topics, as well as all things Adobe, brand experiences, and cool technology.

Joanna Lord (@JoannaLord): Want to build a lasting and beautiful brand? Then you’ll want to follow Lord, CMO of ClassPass, who regularly shares insightful articles about marketing for entrepreneurs and startups.

Antonio J. Lucio (@ajlucio5): The global CMO of HP says he lives to help people find purpose and meaning at work, and this is definitely reflected in his tweets. If you follow Lucio on Twitter, you’ll see tweets about diversity, marketing, leadership, innovation, and more.

Jonathan Mildenhall (@Mildenhall): Airbnb’s CMO shares marketing lessons and tweets about the greatness of humanity and creativity.

Charles Pascalar (@cpascalar): The VP of global marketing at Payless ShoeSource tweets about marketing, retail, and leadership, and provides plenty of inspiration to his large following on Twitter.

Karen Quintos (@KarenHQuintos ): The Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Dell focuses her tweeting on technology, marketing, and helping female leaders and entrepreneurs grow and thrive.

Raja Rajamannar (@RajaRajamannar): Follow the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for Mastercard if you want insights on building brand experiences and how to engage customers and consumers.

David Roman (@iamdavidroman): The CMO of Lenovo tweets often about what’s new, exciting, and unique about his company. But you’ll also find plenty of tech marketing insights.

Philip Schiller (@pschiller): Although he doesn’t tweet often, Apple’s senior VP of global marketing has the most followers of anyone on this list (he does work for Apple, after all!). When Schiller does tweet, he’s usually giving love to Apple (or Boston sports teams).

Diego Scotti (@diegoscotti): Chief Marketing Officer, Verizon’s CMO, is quite passionate about the company he works for. He regularly tweets about (and retweets) all the great things happening at Verizon so we all know about it as well.

Andrew Sherrard (@sherrard_andrew): There’s lot of tweeting from T-Mobile’s CMO about new features, plans, and accomplishments, but you’ll also find insights on customer relationships and customer-centricity.

Lorraine Twohill (@LorraineTwohill): The tweets from Google’s CMO are very Google-y. Follow Twohill to catch all the latest news and inspiration from the world of Google.

Karen Walker (@KarMWalker): Cisco’s marketing SVP & CMO highlights the great things the company is doing around security, networking, the Internet of Things (IoT), marketing, and more.

Keith Weed (@keithweed): You’ll find the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Unilever regularly tweeting about marketing, business growth, and technology.

Maria Winans (@MariaWinans): Here you’ll find tweets about man, machine, and creativity. The CMO of IBM Watson Customer Engagement also is heavily focused on digital transformation and customer experience.

This post was originally published on Inc.com