12 Social Media Updates from July 2015

The summer is heating up and so are our favorite social networks! Like the array of social media updates in June, July was another busy month featuring a variety of social media changes.

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Without further ado, here are some of the key social media updates from July, broken down by network:


Facebook rolled out updates making video management easier and giving Page owners more control over their video content. Page admins have new distribution and customization options when uploading videos —like the option to make it a secret video, or set an expiration date.

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Facebook’s carousel ad format, which lets advertisers showcase multiple images and links in one ad, extended to mobile ads as well. When comparing carousel ads to standard link ads, advertisers saw a 30-50% decrease in cost per acquisition and a 20-30% decrease in cost per click.

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Facebook’s rolled out an update designed to give you more control over what you see in News Feed. Facebook’s News Feed Preferences now have three additional options for filtering through the content you see when you land on the website or open the app.

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Facebook is rolling out video ads amongst a small test group of publishers in a move designed to attract more content and ad revenue. As an incentive to get video creators to publish more video directly to Facebook, the company will be implementing revenue sharing in a way that puts the social network in direct competition with YouTube.

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Facebook is rolling out two other significant video-related changes for both users and advertisers. Its news feed algorithm will be adjusted according to interactions with videos, and the company is going to change the way it charges advertisers for video views.

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Google announced Google+ will no longer be a requirement to access Google services. This is an especially significant change for YouTube, where users have long complained about needing to create a new Google+ page if they wanted to create a new channel.

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Instagram brought the search functionality of its mobile app to desktop. When on the Instagram homepage, users now have a search bar at the top, which allows them to search for location tags, hashtags, and other accounts all at once.

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There are now over 1 million unique publishers on LinkedIn’s blogging platform, a milestone the company celebrated with a post on its own blog.

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Buyable pins, a new Pinterest feature, are now available to United States iOS users on the iPhone and iPad app. With buyable pins you can buy items you find on Pinterest directly without having to leave social network.

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Victoria Taylor, who was heavily involved in the AMA process, was let go and her firing resulted in the entire AMA Subreddit (one of the largest and most popular Subreddits) being made private, which ultimately lead to the canceling or postponing of all scheduled AMAs.

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Now you can view Snaps and Stories of any length with a single tap of your thumb. Previously, you had to be touching the screen for the entire length of the content in order for it to play through.

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Earlier this year it was announced Google regained access to Twitter’s firehose of data, and would once again start indexing tweets in real-time. Stone Temple Consulting recently published a study showing Google has indexed only 3.4% of tweets, meaning 96% of all tweets are currently not indexed in Google.

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Which of these updates will have the biggest impact on your social media strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


Featured Image: Image by Paulo Bobita