10 Reasons Your Company Sucks At Pinterest

According to a November 5th report from Business Insider, “Pinterest Is Now The Fastest Growing Content-Sharing Platform.” In fact, content sharing on Pinterest has risen 19.2% in the last quarter alone. That’s a significant jump, and brands have taken notice. For example, back on November 14th, the content sharing service announced its first ever API for developers. Now third-party sites can embed Pinterest pins, and make it easier to post content into Pinterest itself. Major brands like Walmart, Disney, Zappos, Nestle and Whole Foods are just some of the companies who have jumped on board. But, why are brands so willing to embrace Pinterest?

Besides Pinterest being one of the most buzzed social media sites, it’s been proven that Pinterest and brands go together like Leonardo da Vinci and The Mona Lisa. For starters, brands have already been accepted on pinboards, unlike Facebook and Twitter with their unpopular and eyesore ads from brands. Most importantly, however, Pinterest is a sales driver. So, why aren’t you experiencing that same success? Probably because your company just sucks at Pinterest! Are you guilty of on of the following Pinterest faux pas?

10. You’re Not Using the “Pin It” Button

Make life easier and convenient for customers by featuring the “Pin This” button. This allows people to pin images from your site onto their own Pinterest boards with one simple click on your website. An easy enough tactic that will help spread your content.

9. Not Posting Testimonials

Testimonials are a tried and trusted method when selling a product. And, that method can be used on Pinterest as well. By Pinning positive feedback that you’ve received, you are informing customers that there’s a legitimate product for sale. Pinning positive reviews about your customer service, too. Customers always buy from those who are known for excellent customer service.

8. Not Socializing

Like every other social media outlet, Pinterest is all about socializing. If you’re new to Pinterest, you’re probably not as active on the site like on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But, you need to get your brand out more. Re-pin or like a local or relevant product from another company and see what happens. Chances are that that brand will reciprocate with a re-pin or like for your account.

7. Not Keeping Track of Analytics

Just like keeping track of the analytics of your site, you also need to be aware of your target audience and how much traffic Pinterest is driving to your site. This will determine how effectively you’re running your company’s Pinterest account, who’s visiting, and what they’re looking for. You can do this via Google Analytics.

6. Not Pinning Relevant Content

As mentioned previously, sharing content with other Pinterest users is a great way to spread your company’s name. However, you should also be pinning relevant content so that users know exactly who and what your brand is attempting to sell. Let’s say that you have a landscaping company, sharing content that focuses on landscaping designs, maintenance, and even facts like the different kinds of grass are all topics that tie into your business.

5. Are You Running Contests?

Contests are another proven method in increasing a site or social media network. And, Pinterest is no exception. Running a contest where a prize is given to the people who re-pin an image is a great way to increase traffic to your company’s Pinterest account.

4. Not Linking To Your Website

The reason that your company is on Pinterest is because you want more people to visit your official website so that they will purchase a product or service. If you’re not doing that, what’s the point? Pinning a stimulating piece from your site, such as a visually captivating image, “how-to-list” or blog post, can entice visitors to leave Pinterest for your company’s official site.

3. Not Posting Images of Your Products in Use

Pinterest, in the end, is all about sharing images and videos. You need to take advantage of that by posting content of your product(s) in action. Showcasing your product(s) in use lets people know exactly what you’re selling in a clever and visually stimulating way.

2. Having a Vague Profile

If you’re profile isn’t setup correctly, you can forget about people finding you. Your company’s profile needs to have keywords and phrases that will attract visitors, just like your website does. This also needs to be done for every board and and pin you post. Being as descriptive and specific as you can will not only help you rank higher, it will also provide customers with information on what your company does.

1. Not Taking Advantage of a Pinterest Business Account

Did you even know that Pinterest has a separate account for businesses? If not, that’s probably one of you biggest issues. Having a business account on Pinterest will allow you to have a proper profile name, instead of a first and last name, that you have a ‘verified’ business website, and linking to your other social media accounts. It’s a pretty painless task that’s essential.

If any of those reasons apply to your company’s Pinterest account, it’s no wonder that it’s doing poorly! You need to fix the problem immediately. If you’re running a successful Pinterest account, what methods are you using to attract visitors?


Featured Image Credit: garann/Flickr