How We’ve Built Over 1,000 Links Per Month With This 6-Month Sprint

Feel like you’re at link building capacity?

Could you build more links with more time or a larger SEO team?

Even small teams have been able to build over 1,000 backlinks per month.

Seem impossible?

We have good news. Link building at scale is possible.

On May 17, I moderated a webinar with Kevin Rowe, Founder and Head of Strategy at PureLinq.

Rowe has taken small link building proof-of-concepts to large-scale initiatives with thousands of links per month and provided the insights you need to build a system that will work for your business.

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Should You Build 1,000 Links?

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The 6-Month Roadmap

Your six-month link building roadmap should include:

  1. Research & link building technique selection.
  2. Running a pilot program.
  3. Creating SOPs.
  4. Assembling a team.
  5. Scaling.

Screenshot by PureLinq, May 2023

1. Select A Link Building Technique

To ensure long-term success and sustainability, your first stop should be the discovery of modern link building techniques and determining which you’d like to incorporate.

Choose: Link Building Techniques That Work In 2023

These are the latest and most effective link building strategies in 2023. Once you’ve selected the methods that would work best for your business, you can use them to give yourself an advantage over your competitors.

  • Content First: Skyscraper & linkable content, UVP content.
  • Unlinked Mentions: Articles mentioning brands, competitors, and thematic keywords.
  • Competitor Link Building: Analyze top sites & directly outreach to each site.
  • Guest Posting: Contribute to niche-relevant publications with custom content.
  • Reciprocal Links: Skyscraper & linkable content, UVP content.
  • Resource Links: Articles mentioning brands, competitors, and thematic keywords.
  • Reactive PR: Incoming requests for sources, quotes, or resources.

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Research: Find A Proven Link Building Model

Next, locate a proven link building model.

Using templates to simplify your processes, and standardize, are critical. Make sure the template you select involves looking at your:

  • Content marketing ecosystem.
  • Innovative link building strategies.
  • Campaigns.

Screenshot by PureLinq, May 2023

Prepare: Check Your Link Readiness

Asking yourself these questions to make sure you’re ready to start building hundreds of links:

  • If links to commercial pages, do I have an outreach program?
  • Do I have informational content?
  • Do I have the resources to create linkable content?
  • Can I do outreach in-house or outsource?
  • How competitive is my niche with content?
  • Are my product/service/platform offerings unique?

2. Do A Link Building Pilot

Once you’re done with link readiness, the next step is to go into a link building pilot, which consists of the following steps:

  1. Content canvassing.
  2. Link opportunity audit.
  3. Utilizing process, tech, and people.
  4. Content and outreach.
  5. Post-mortem evaluation.

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Screenshot by PureLinq, May 2023

Once that’s done, you’re now ready to scale.

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5. Scale Up Your New Process

You can approach scaling up in four ways:

  • Geographic focus.
  • Niche & segments.
  • Content quality & volume.
  • List building & outreach volume.

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Remember to keep these tips in mind when scaling:

  • Spend a lot of time testing pilot programs.
  • Start with guest posting.
  • Use a partner to increase quality volume.

Lastly, avoid these mistakes when scaling:

  • Producing a lot of content.
  • Over process planning.
  • Not scaling outreach.
  • Scaling the wrong elements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to these popular link building questions in the on-demand version of this webinar:

  • Can I get links to commercial pages?
  • What should my monthly link goal be?
  • Should I only link to informational pages?
  • Should I do outreach or create content?
  • How do I evaluate the quality of a site/link?

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[Slides] How We’ve Built Over 1000 Links Per Month With This 6-Month Sprint

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