How To Search The Web With 40 ChatGPT Plugins

The ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence has taken yet another leap forward with the recent expansion of the ChatGPT plugin store.

The store, known for offering a plethora of plugins that augment the capabilities of ChatGPT, now boasts an impressive lineup of nearly 550 plugins.

What I found particularly interesting: over 100 plugins promise to help users search the internet more efficiently and effectively.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, June 2023

The emergence of search-centric plugins signals a potential shift away from conventional search engines. Instead, generative AI chatbots are being developed to transform the way information is gathered and analyzed.

This article will explore how to search the web with AI using a selection of the newest ChatGPT plugins.

Note that in addition to a ChatGPT Plus account, you may need a free or paid subscription from a third party to access and utilize the following plugins for search.

Academic Search

Do you need scientifically-accurate content? Try the following ChatGPT plugins that search scientific literature.

  1. Research by Vector unearths thorough academic research effortlessly with the power of vector embeddings for relevance and accuracy.
  2. Scholarly is an AI-powered search engine for exploring scientific literature.
  3. Scholar Assist searches academic research papers from arXiv and find answers to your questions.

General Search

The following ChatGPT plugins can help you find information on the web.

  1. Browse With Bing, OpenAI’s official ChatGPT plugin for web search, allows users to get responses based on Bing search results.
  2. KeyMate.AI searches the web by integrating Google Search results with KeyMate.AI, your AI-powered web crawler.
  3. MixerBox WebSearch searches and summarizes the web with a customized search engine powered by Google Search API.
  4. TotalQuery Search offers access to over 70 search engines and their combined capabilities, allowing you to discover more than what Google offers in SERPs.
  5. WP Interact fetches posts from self-hosted WordPress websites.

Domain Name Search

Do you need a website? These ChatGPT plugins can help you search for the best available domain name.

  1. DomainsBot checks for a domain name’s availability.
  2. GoDaddy Name Search will check the availability of domain names.
  3. One Word Domains checks a domain’s availability and compares prices across different registrars.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, June 2023

Image Search

Are you searching for visual content? These ChatGPT plugins can help you search for images and other graphic assets.

  1. AssetOVI searches and previews millions of 3D assets for games, AIGC, AR/VR, etc.
  2. GIF Search, powered by Giphy, helps you find the proper GIF for any occasion.
  3. ImageSearch finds complimentary images to enhance your generated article or to highlight specific paragraphs from Unsplash.

Job Search

With tech layoffs on the rise, the following ChatGPT plugins for job search could help.

  1. InfoJobs searches jobs on
  2. Job Search by Indeed lets you explore the latest jobs posted on
  3. Job Search UK queries the latest job posts from the UK’s top job boards, including Reed and Indeed.

Shopping Search

Shopping – and ecommerce product optimization – may never be the same again, thanks to ChatGPT shopping plugins.

  1. ByByAI searches for the best Amazon products by rating.
  2. Comparison provides robust capabilities for efficient product search and accurate price comparison.
  3. Copilot searches every dealer, analyzes, and ranks every car for you so you can buy with confidence.
  4. Coupert searches for the best coupons from thousands of online stores.
  5. Easy Product Search streamlines Japanese ecommerce shopping for a hassle-free experience.
  6. Podcast search explores podcasts from, a decentralized audio content discovery platform.
  7. Shop searches for millions of products from the world’s greatest brands.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, June 2023

Social Media Search

Do you want to search through social media content? Here are a few ChatGPT plugins for social media search.

  1. Clay lets users ask questions and search across your Linkedin, Facebook, email, and iMessage contacts.
  2. Social Search provides access to tweets, users, followers, images, media, and more.
  3. What’s Trending explores trending searches, keywords, & hashtags by topic across YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, and Google.

Travel Search

Are you traveling for business or pleasure? These ChatGPT plugins for travel can help you search for the best travel deals.

  1. Ferryhopper searches for ferries and plans your trip with the assistance of AI and Ferryhopper.
  2. Instabase searches for rooms and venues all across Japan from instabase.
  3. KAYAK searches flights, hotels, and rental cars to get recommendations on where you can go on your budget.
  4. Skyscanner makes planning your next trip easy with flight deals to plan your next trip.

Video Search

Searching for videos could become more straightforward with ChatGPT plugins.

  1. Video highlight lets you explore, research, and interact with YouTube and personal videos.
  2. VoxScript searches of YouTube transcripts, financial data sources, Google search results, and more!

Screenshot from ChatGPT, June 2023

Miscellaneous Search

Are you searching the web for something in particular? Many of the ChatGPT plugins for search can cater to specific needs.

  1. Abridged Due Diligence searches through recent SEC filings, with links to deeper analysis.
  2. BlockAtlas allows you to find data sets, ask questions, and visualize data from the US Census.
  3. ChatStack Search lets you use the Stack Exchange API to search sites like Stack Overflow and return questions, answers, and other expert content.
  4. ChatWithGit searches for code on GitHub repositories based on a query.
  5. Public gets real-time and historical market data, including asset prices, news, research, and comprehensive financial analysis.
  6. Search UK Companies retrieves public information on UK registered companies and their officers directly from Companies House.
  7. Tabor AI offers senior living market research, data, and analytics from 35K communities and 9K operators in the USA.

The Future Of Search Powered By ChatGPT

The expansion of the ChatGPT plugin store has ushered in a new era of AI-powered search capabilities.

With over 500 plugins, the store offers various options to enhance web search for ChatGPT users.

These search-centric plugins have the potential to redefine how we retrieve and process information, presenting a glimpse into the future of search engines powered by generative AI chatbots.

By leveraging the power of AI, these plugins enable users to search the web more efficiently and effectively, opening up possibilities for faster and more accurate information retrieval.

Featured image: Ascannio/Shutterstock