How To Impress Your Leadership Team & Shareholders: Forecast SEO Performance

Attract Potential Clients With A Clear Road To SEO Success

Set yourself or your agency apart from competitors by having a detailed SEO forecast in place for any new business pitch.

SEOmonitor, August 2022

Coming to the table with a solid idea of how much traffic your team could bring in makes your service offering more credible and sets clear expectations.

SEOmonitor Highlights Seasonality Changes

Another benefit of the forecasting tool is it takes into account search seasonality.

When showing forecasts to new clients, it’s crucial to discuss how seasonality and cost-of-living changes might also come into play – and SEOmonitor’s forecasting tool takes this into account.

For example:

  • If your potential client sells garden furniture, you can avoid accidentally promising a 20%+ traffic increase in December.
  • Instead, you’ll be able to pitch a different, proactive solution to carry the client through the off-seasons – we bet your competition won’t have that angle in place.

SEOmonitor, August 2022

By forecasting and providing transparency in your pitch, you’ll be able to show expertise in your approach to predicting performance – and have an easier time closing a sale.

Avoid Leadership Frustration With Realistic Goal Setting

When you set SEO goals, are you actually setting up a path to missed KPIs and frustrated shareholders?

Let’s look at how each goal-setting strategy works.

The Old Way: Setting goals by picking an average of how much you think you could grow traffic (normally 10-20%). This almost always sets you up for failure.

The New Way: Give yourself truly attainable goals based on data trends with SEO forecasting.

Now, you can be much more realistic in how you set those targets.

Instantly see:

  • How hard it is to reach the targeted ranks in the selected timeframe based on the SEO difficulty of the keywords from your selected groups, personalized for the targeted website.
  • How easy goals can be hit when timeframes are adjusted before they’re signed off on in a contract.

How? By using the Goal Chance feature within SEOmonitor. You’ll be able to see how ambitious you may be PLUS whether or not it’s realistic for you to set additional traffic goals.

This not only helps your client buy-in but sets you up for success by giving your team manageable targets to work toward.

SEOmonitor, August 2022

Forecast Entire Topics, Silos & Strategies With Keyword Grouping

Do your clients have different levels of budgeting or investments? Use the keyword forecasting model to get different forecasts based on their needs.

You can create separate forecasts for the same website but use more keyword groups that have more investment money going towards them.

If a client has a smaller budget, you can keep the keyword grouping down to their core keywords and not include things like a longtail content strategy.

If your client increases their budget, you could include those informational keywords and show them how much additional traffic their budget would drive.

Need To Convince A Shareholder To Allow Long-Tail Keyword Strategies?

By showing traffic levels based on different investment levels, you could show how longtail keywords are beneficial in the long run.

Demonstrating the value our SEO work can bring makes it a much easier task to start seeing increased levels of investment.

Forecast Adjustments Based On Real-Time Changes

It’s easy to know if you’re on track with the actual traffic versus your projected traffic growth with SEOmonitor’s technology.

In our case, we recommend that you keep your SEO forecasts within a 12-month period and reflect on them each month to see if you’re on track.

This period of time gives you enough accuracy to pitch to your shareholders while allowing for new changes to be automatically generated with the tool’s help.

Referring back to the forecast in the monthly reports can show senior stakeholders an easily digestible way to see if you’re on track by working toward these agreed-upon goals.

Moreover, the tool’s forecasting and rank-tracking integrations help you, your team, and your client check the status of your predictions and your work.

Image by SEOmonitor, August 2022

Use SEO Forecasting To Clarify Your True SEO Value

Forecasting has become a core part of our SEO campaigns and is especially important with search volumes starting to decrease as people’s finances become tighter.

Join us and Impression on the journey of bringing more transparency and data-driven decision-making to the SEO industry.

Discover a forecasting solution that takes into account all the key variables influencing your keywords and ranks, so you can trust the connection with the business outcomes.