Google Holding First-Ever Virtual Conference on August 26th

Google is holding a virtual conference later this month for the first time in the company’s history. Registrations are open now until August 19th.

The ‘Google Virtual Webmaster Unconference’ takes place on August 26th. The Unconference moniker means that sessions are chosen by attendees, rather than Google itself.

As a virtual event, this is a rare opportunity for people to sit in on live sessions from an official Google conference.

Google’s in-person conferences, which cannot take place due to the global pandemic, are difficult to secure a seat at because of high demand.

Being a virtual event means more people may be able to attend this conference than in-person conferences.

However, spots are still limited, Google says:

“As we have limited spots, we might have to select attendees based on background and demographics to get a good mix of perspectives in the event.”

Google has yet to confirm which sessions attendees can expect to see at the conference, as that will be determined by registrants.

During the registration process Google proposes a list of 18 possible sessions. Attendees are asked to select which ones they’re most interested in.

These are those proposed sessions:

  • Ads and SEO mythbusting
  • Tips to get your content displayed in Discover feed
  • Approaches to improve Core Web Vitals for non tech-savy webmasters
  • Web performance, what metrics are important, how to measure, how to spot what is a priority
  • Mobile/desktop diffing – parity findings
  • Helping you (or your clients) understand how their WordPress site is doing on the web with Site Kit
  • Common JavaScript issues
  • Brainstorming session: how can Search Console team further help publishing on the open-web?
  • E-Commerce SEO 101: Best Practices for Optimizing Online Stores
  • CrUX Show and Tell
  • Accessibility and JavaScript
  • hreflang: how to implement, when to implement
  • Improving Search documentation
  • Mobile first indexing and how to prepare for it
  • Talking about talking about SEO
  • Communicating our publisher policies and monetized updates
  • Fun with scripts!
  • Common issues with Structured Data for Rich Snippets

Depending on what attendees select during the registration process, some of these sessions may be omitted from the final lineup.

Attendees can select two sessions from the list of proposed sessions. Sessions that receive the most votes will make it to the final schedule.

Once sessions are confirmed Google will provide an update to registrants.

In addition to selecting the sessions, attendees will help shape the actual content in each sessions.

“In this event, you decide what sessions will happen and will actively shape the content in them, by taking part in discussions, feedback sessions, and similar formats that need your input.

It’s your chance to collaborate with other webmasters, SEOs, developers, digital marketers, publishers and Google product teams, such as Search Console and Google Search, and help us deliver more value to you and the community.”

Those who are interested in attending can sign up here. Remember, you only have until April 19th!

Google will let you know your registration status by August 20th.

If confirmed, you will receive an invitation to the Google Meet call on August 26th.

Not that sessions will not be recorded. So the only way to see them is to be there as they happen.

Afterward, Google will publish a blog post with some of the top learnings from the event.

See a little teaser of the event below: