60 ChatGPT Plugins For Content Marketing Available In Burgeoning Plugin Store

With a total of 580 ChatGPT plugins, OpenAI aims to bring the total in the plugin store to 1,000.

While exploring the uncategorized directory of ChatGPT plugins that still considers over 370 of the latest additions β€œnew,” I discovered at least 10% of them could be helpful to content marketers.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, June 2023

This article features over 60 ChatGPT plugins for content marketing, including tools for AI-assisted content research, optimization, and promotion.

As with all generative AI content, review the content you receive from ChatGPT and third-party plugins for accuracy. Also, note that some plugins may require creating accounts with a third-party service.

Plugins For Content Research

The following ChatGPT plugins can be invaluable tools that enhance your content research process by providing AI-powered data extraction and analysis, all within an intuitive chat-based interface.

  1. DAIZY – On the hunt for insights on ETFs, equities, cryptocurrencies, performance metrics, risk assessment, eco-friendliness, investing strategies, and portfolio assessment? DAIZY is your go-to resource.
  2. Jini – Tap into a wealth of precise and current information spanning diverse formats such as news articles, images, videos, tunes, applications, web content, and factoids, all at your fingertips.
  3. Litmaps – Navigate the labyrinth of scientific literature with ease. Discover germane papers and create visual mind maps to conceptualize the breadth of the literature.
  4. MixerBox Scholar – Your gateway to scholastic enlightenment, MixerBox Scholar is a gratis and trustworthy academic search tool. Discover scholarly articles and secure rapid responses!
  5. ML Paper Reader – Propel your research on machine learning by scouring relevant papers and engaging with PDFs in the conversation for an expedited understanding.
  6. NextPaper.ai – Zero in on the cutting-edge research papers in your field of interest from PubMed with a click.
  7. Penrose Analyst – Conduct comprehensive searches across international news and scholarly papers, and distill the essence of articles from Arxiv.org.
  8. Poll the People – Your supreme compass for market research and survey navigation.
  9. Public – Stay in the vanguard with live and archival market intelligence, encompassing asset valuations, news flashes, in-depth research, and extensive financial scrutiny.
  10. Research By Vector – Excavate academic treasures with precision and efficacy through vector embeddings, ensuring relevance and pinpoint accuracy.
  11. Scholar Assist – Embark on a scholarly quest with access to research papers from arXiv, and retrieve answers to your queries.ScholarAI – Harness the power of scientific inquiry with ScholarAI; delve into a vast repository of over 40 million peer-reviewed articles, engage with scientific PDFs, and streamline citations with reference managers.
  12. ScholarlyInsight – Elicit scholarly papers from Arxiv with pointed queries.
  13. Science – An exhaustive treasure trove of over 250 million scientific papers and articles, ideally tailored for researchers and students.
  14. Tabor AI – The gold standard for authoritative insights into the senior living market, offering a wealth of data and analytics on 35,000 communities and 9,000 operators across the USA.
  15. txyz.ai – Decode, juxtapose, and resolve queries about scholarly papers effortlessly by employing a straightforward Arxiv ID.
  16. Video Highlight – Immerse yourself in the universe of YouTube and personal videos for research, exploration, and engagement.
  17. Xpapers – Seamlessly locate authentic academic papers on arXiv. Plunge into the world of abstracts and bibliographies, and gain access to public PDF URLs.

Plugins For AI PDF Analysis

The next set of ChatGPT plugins empowers users to perform an in-depth analysis of PDF documents through AI-driven text extraction, summarization, and interactive querying, streamlining the process of gleaning insights from dense content.

  1. Access PDF & Docs – Engage with PDFs by inquiring, summarizing content, and conversing. Simply input a Google Drive link to begin!
  2. Ai PDF – Experience lightning-speed, interactive dialogue with PDFs regardless of their size, coupled with page references for accurate validation.
  3. AskYourPDF – Harness the strength of your PDFs! Delve into your documents, seek out answers, and usher critical information to your grasp.
  4. ChatWithPDF – Engage in discussions ranging from extensive PDF tomes to Google Drive documents by just submitting a link
  5. ChatOCR – Optimize your text reading experience from any document. Extract text from scanned PDFs, photographs, and even handwritten notes.
  6. Link Reader – Explore links such as web pages, YouTube, PDFs, PPTs, images, Word documents, and more.
  7. MixerBox ChatPDF – Reclaim your time! Let MixerBox ChatPDF distill and scrutinize PDF files on your behalf.
  8. Skipit AI – Employ the Skipit AI extension to glean contextual data from diverse URLs, including YouTube, websites, and PDFs, for all-encompassing insights.
  9. SummarizeAnything.ai – Condense content from YouTube videos, web pages, and PDF documents by simply furnishing a link.
  10. Universal – Empower yourself with access to web pages, PDF analysis, QR code generation, and more.
  11. WebPilot – Explore and query web pages, PDFs, and data. Fabricate articles derived from single or multiple URLs.

Plugins For AI Video Analysis

Here are some ChatGPT plugins that revolutionize video analysis by utilizing AI to interact with, summarize, and extract insights from videos across various platforms, providing a seamless and efficient approach to video content examination.

  1. Video Highlight – Delve into, examine, and engage with YouTube clips and your video recordings.
  2. Video Insights – Engage seamlessly with online video portals like YouTube or Daily Motion.
  3. Video Summary – Distill the essence of YouTube videos by generating succinct summaries from YouTube video links.
  4. VideoInsights.io – Utilize VideoInsights.io to actively engage with online video platforms like YouTube, Zoom, or BiliBili.
  5. ChatWithVideo – Pose questions, analyze, and sift through YouTube clips by simply inputting a YouTube video link.
  6. MixerBox ChatVideo – Condense content from YouTube videos! Pose inquiries and receive responses instantly!
  7. SummarizeAnything.ai – Abbreviate content from YouTube videos, web pages, and PDF documents by submitting a link. Experience this service with a complimentary preview.
  8. vidIQ – Unearth and condense the content of trending YouTube videos.

Plugins For AI Content Creation

Now, let’s look at plugins that assist content creation, leveraging AI to generate text, images, and multimedia content, enriching and streamlining the creative process.

  1. Argil AI – Craft images effortlessly without the need to master prompting techniques.
  2. Charts by Kesem AI – Fabricate charts on demand. Users have the flexibility to request chart generation.
  3. Content Rewriter – Input any URL and witness the transformation of the text content tailored for you!
  4. Copywriter – Submit a URL and receive invaluable suggestions for sales copywriting tailored to any webpage.
  5. Code Runner – Compile and archive your code while fabricating visually engaging charts and graphs compatible with up to 70 programming languages.
  6. daigr.am – Construct charts, graphs, and an array of visualizations effortlessly.
  7. Diagrams – Generate and exhibit diagrams employing kroki.io or via networks and matplotlib.
  8. Cloud Diagram Gen – Craft cloud architecture diagrams with this unofficial AWS plugin.
  9. Draw – Transform your ideas into visual diagrams. Design, oversee, and interact with your creations in an unprecedented manner.
  10. Eraser – Fabricate diagrams utilizing code or natural language.
  11. HeyGen – A cutting-edge AI video generation platform to empower your team.
  12. Humanize – Render AI content that is more relatable through paraphrasing.
  13. Mermaid Chart – Craft and refine Mermaid Diagrams using the intuitive Mermaid Chart editor.
  14. MixerBox ImageGen – Craft AI images with DALLΒ·E 2! Perfectly prompt Midjourney & Stable Diffusion illustrations!
  15. My Writing Companion – Discover, employ, and supervise remote human writers – the optimal approach to ensure your content is engaging, precise, and error-free.
  16. Paraphraser – Reframe and rejuvenate your words. Paraphrase with finesse to leave an impact and inspire.
  17. Show Me Diagrams – Generate and fine-tune diagrams within a chat interface.
  18. Skrive – Realize your ideas through diagrams. This tool facilitates the creation and alteration of diagrams within a chat.
  19. Speedy Marketing – A versatile marketing tool for Shopify stores, ecommerce websites, or any venture. Pen SEO blogs and social media content swiftly.
  20. Visla – Convert your concept into a mesmerizing video with AI scripts, a selection of stock footage, and a dash of magic!
  21. WordCloud – Craft visually striking word cloud images derived from the text.

Plugins For Content Optimization

The following ChatGPT plugins for content optimization are essential to refine text, enhance readability, and implement SEO strategies.

  1. Pixellow – Reveal the hidden dimensions of images, facilitate comprehension, and generate comprehensive captions and descriptions.
  2. SEO.app – Meet your dedicated SEO companion for content marketing, tailored to boost your online presence.

Plugins For Content Promotion

Finally, these ChatGPT plugins for content promotion utilize AI to ensure your content reaches the right audience with maximum impact.

  1. Content.app – Post content to WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Shopify, Medium, and more!
  2. Shuto.IO – Designed for creators and developers and offers a range of handy features such as SMS, Email, WordPress, and SSH Command Execution capabilities.
  3. Perfect Chirp – Transform your thoughts into compelling tweets in under 30 seconds. Initiate your prompt with β€˜Write a tweet…’.
  4. WordPress Publisher – Streamline your publishing process by directly posting content to your WordPress blog.

AI Content Marketing Assistants

ChatGPT plugins serve as multi-faceted tools that revolutionize the content lifecycle.

Plugins can streamline extracting and analyzing data for content research, making it efficient and comprehensive.

Regarding content creation, they act as creative partners, employing AI to generate rich and varied content.

In the optimization phase, ChatGPT plugins ensure the content is polished and primed for maximum impact by enhancing readability and incorporating SEO strategies.

During the final promotion stage, these plugins take the helm in ensuring that content not only reaches its target audience but does so with resonance.

By integrating ChatGPT plugins into content strategies, creators and marketers can harness the synergy of AI, boosting productivity and efficacy across all stages of content development and distribution.

Featured image: PeopleImages.com – Yuri A/Shutterstock