PPC 101: Expert Insights To Enhance Your Strategy

Even when you think you’ve got the hang of PPC advertising, there’s always something new to discover.

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  • Enhance your paid media strategy to keep up with PPC changes.
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Our latest ebook, PPC Expert Tips: Budgets, Testing & Optimization, has all the insights you need to brush up on the basics of PPC or enhance your existing methods to grow your business.

Experts from our team, plus trusted industry professionals, weigh in on the best PPC testing and optimization tactics to help you gain a competitive advantage.

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Here’s What You’ll Get In Our PPC Ebook:

  • A full collection of SEJ’s best PPC resources for education and upskilling.
  • Tips from industry experts on managing PPC budgets.
  • Secrets on how to evaluate lead quality, do platform analysis and due diligence, and communicate your budget effectiveness insights.
  • Actionable A/B testing advice from industry-leading marketers.
  • Expert tips on PPC optimization, including Performance Max & other automated platforms.
  • Pro techniques for cost-per-click (CPC) optimization.

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