Microsoft Store Ads Go Global & New Features Revealed

Microsoft Store Ads expand globally, introducing new features to streamline advertising and broaden reach, as demonstrated by Miracle Games’ success.

Microsoft is announcing the expansion of Microsoft Store Ads to over 150 regions worldwide.

Introduced at the company’s annual Microsoft Build conference, the expansion was just one of several updates to the Store Ads platform.

Alongside the global expansion, Microsoft unveiled new features and enhancements to simplify the advertising process and expand reach.

This article provides an in-depth look at these updates, their implications for advertisers, and a real-life success story of leveraging Microsoft Store Ads.

Global Expansion

In 2022, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Store Ads to help developers increase the visibility of their apps and games.

Continuing the momentum, Microsoft announced during Build that the reach of Microsoft Store Ads would extend beyond the U.S. to cover more than 150 regions worldwide starting this June.

This expansion will allow advertisers to reach more customers through Premium Search Ads within the Microsoft Store and Bing search results.

New Tools: Harnessing Innovation To Simplify Advertising

Recognizing the time value for advertisers, Microsoft aims to streamline the process of raising product awareness and incentivizing customer actions.

Microsoft unveiled an enhanced onboarding experience for Microsoft Store Ads, enabling advertisers to conveniently set up eye-catching ad placements.

One tool designed to assist advertisers is Premium Search Ads, a feature providing visual and prominent ad placement to help advertisers connect with customers.

Available within the Microsoft Store, advertisers can now use this feature to highlight their apps for download.

Breaking Boundaries: Extending Ad Reach

Bing, a Microsoft property, generates 14.5 billion global monthly searches.

Seizing this opportunity, Microsoft announced that Store Ads would extend beyond the Microsoft Store on Windows.

Advertisers can now trigger their ads on Bing’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), like regular product ads, expanding their reach.

Advertisers wanting to take advantage of this feature must create a Microsoft Store Ad campaign in Microsoft Advertising and ensure the Ad Distribution Controls are set to “All.”

Enhancing User Experience: Simplified Processes and More Control

Microsoft announced several features to save advertisers time, including Partner Center integration and a simplified onboarding experience.

With the simplified user interface, advertisers registering for Microsoft Store Ads can link their apps with one click.

Looking up app information will be easier; advertisers can search by app name, store I.D., publisher name, or seller I.D.

Adding to the list of features, advertisers can now track and analyze app installations, in-app purchases, and customer engagement within the app.

Plus, with the Microsoft Advertising Software Development Kit (SDK), advertisers can re-target audiences on the Microsoft Network.

In Summary

The updates announced at Microsoft Build 2023 highlight a dynamic shift in digital advertising strategies, with Microsoft Store Ads becoming a pivotal platform.

As the platform expands beyond U.S. borders to more than 150 regions and introduces new features, advertisers gain more opportunities to connect with their audiences.

The Microsoft Store Ads updates offer a glimpse into the future of advertising, where technology and innovation will continue to reshape how we connect, engage, and do business.

Source: Microsoft

Featured Image: IB Photography/Shutterstock