Google Is Removing 4 Attribution Models For Advertisers

Just announced: Google is updating its measurement models starting May 2023.

In the April 6 announcement, Google stated that four attribution models would disappear in both Google Ads and Google Analytics.

  • First click
  • Linear
  • Time decay
  • Position-based

The Decision Behind The Change

Dedicated Google Ads liaison Ginny Marvin provided a series of tweets to explain the sudden attribution offering change further.

According to Google, the data-driven attribution model is the most used model for conversions for automated bidding.

Additionally, the four deprecated models make up less than 3% of Google web conversions combined. From their viewpoint, removing less commonly used attribution models is a way to consolidate and simplify measurement.

Advertisers React To The News

The sudden announcement produced mixed reactions from advertisers on social media.

Some replied to Marvin that the change made sense.

Others on Twitter voiced their displeasure with the news.

David Kyle argues that the removal of attribution models takes away necessary and valuable insights for marketers that help make more informed decisions:

In other online posts, advertisers are cautious to move entirely to a data-driven attribution model where it may be apt to give Google Ads campaigns more credits in a conversion vs. other channels. If it makes it harder to measure or justify the performance of other paid media channels, more marketing dollars could be invested in Google Ads.

What Advertisers Need To Know

Accounts that are using any of the four attribution models being sunset should be ready to take action immediately.

Google’s Attribution Models Sunset Timeline

  • May 2023: For Google Analytics 4 properties, time decay, linear, first click, and position-based models will be unavailable for any new conversion actions.
  • June 2023: For Google Ads accounts, time decay, linear, first click, and position-based models will be unavailable for any new conversion actions.
  • September 2023: Google will sunset the four attribution models in both Google Ads and Google Analytics 4.

Once the models are sunset, they will also be removed from the Model Comparison Report in the Attribution tab, as well as the Overview page in Google Ads.

So, what happens to conversion actions that are already using these models?

Google confirmed any conversion action using the near-deprecated models will automatically convert to the data-driven attribution model.

Advertisers can choose the existing ‘last click’ attribution model but will have to make this change for each conversion action manually.

Start (Or Continue) The Attribution Conversation Internally

Measuring conversions is an essential conversation for every marketer.

Understanding how the change in attribution models affects campaign performance is imperative before switching.

This is especially true for top-of-funnel campaigns, where a first-click model was likely appropriate.

Start using the Model Comparison tool to identify fundamental measurement changes that can help drive any strategy shifts.

Staying ahead of the deadline sets marketers up to better explain the change to clients or internally to other departments.

Featured Image: Andrii Yalanskyi/Shutterstock