Google Introduces ‘Buy’ Button in Beta Program

Google has introduced a Purchases on Google beta program which allows qualifying merchants to add a “Buy” button to search adds.

Merchants who both choose to take part in, and qualify for, the beta program will be able to include a “Buy on Google” button at the top of their product ads.

Purchasing a product from Google search requires being a user of Google Wallet. Clicking on the “Buy” button will send Google Wallet users to a Google-hosted page where the product can be purchased.

Not only is the beta program limited in who can take part in it, but the potential audience is limited as well. Currently, only searchers on Android will be able to see the “Buy” button. That means it’s also limited to mobile search for the time being.

Curiously enough there has been no official announcement about this feature. Though we can confirm it exists because it’s an option that now appears in the Google Merchant Center, as Inc points out.

After logging in to your merchant center account, navigate to the “Purchases on Google” block. Google describes the new service by saying you can “help shoppers easily purchase on Google, so you can grow conversions and drive new customers.”

As a service that’s clearly in its infancy, it will take some time before realizing the full potential of Purchases on Google. Does it have what it takes to compete with the web’s leading e-commerce giants?