Google Implementing New Innovations for Measuring Store Visits

Google has announced a series of new innovations which will improve how the search giant measures store visits in AdWords. In addition to making store visits available to more advertisers worldwide, these new innovations will be able to report on more store visits for those already using store visit insights.

Since introducing store visit measurement two years ago, Google AdWords has measured over 4 billion store visits around the world. Here’s how it will improve store visit measurement going forward.

More Data, Same Accuracy

Through evolving its measurement technology in the areas of machine learning, mapping technology and survey quality — Google AdWords is now able to report on more store visits while maintaining the same level of accuracy.

Deep Learning

Google AdWords has upgraded its store visit measurement technology with deep learning models. These upgrades will allow the company to measure store visits in difficult areas, such as multi-story malls and locations where multiple businesses are close together.

New Mapping Initiatives

Google has improved the way it’s able to map the exact geography and geometry of business locations. Its store visit measurement technology now has a better idea of where physical business locations begin and end. This was accomplished through refreshed imagery from Google Earth and Google Street View, and scanning the Wi-Fi strength inside buildings to figure out their true boundaries.

Manual Verification of Store Visits

Google is using surveys to have customers manually verify that they’ve visited a business. This data is then used to calibrate Google’s machine learning models. This allows Google to report on more store visits which may have otherwise been excluded.