Google Brings ‘Optimize’ Integration to New AdWords Experience

Google’s latest edition to the new AdWords experience is integration with Optimize, the company’s visual editor for landing pages.

Optimize and AdWords integration has been available since last October, but until now has not been available as part of the new AdWords experience.

Optimize gives marketers an easy way to change and test the landing pages related to their AdWords ads.

Using Optimize, marketers can create different versions of the same landing page which are ‘optimized’ according to what the individual user has searched for.

Marketers can also use Optimize to A/B test different landing pages to see which one performs better. Integration with AdWords allows users to set specific AdWords metrics as experiment objectives.

Google also offers an enterprise version called Optimize 360 which lets marketers conduct dozens of landing page tests at the same time.

Marketers can enable Optimize for use with AdWords by following the steps below:

  • Sign in to your AdWords account.
  • Click the wrench icon (settings menu) in the upper right.
  • Navigate to SETUP > Linked accounts.
  • Under Google Analytics, click DETAILS.
  • Turn on Google Optimize sharing.

Along with bringing Optimize integration to the new AdWords experience, Google is giving users the ability to link multiple AdWords accounts at once.

Previously, advertisers that had many AdWords accounts under a manager account had to link each sub-account individually. Needless to say, that could end up being time consuming.

Now, advertisers can link their AdWords manager account directly to Optimize which will pull in all their AdWords accounts at once.

Lastly, Google is also introducing the ability for Optimize users to run a single experiment for multiple keywords, even if the keywords are spread across different campaigns and ad groups.