Google AdWords Now Allows One Email for Multiple Accounts

For managers of multiple Google AdWords accounts, logging in and out of each one could be a time-consuming productivity killer. Google has made a change to that, with the ability to use one email address to log in to multiple accounts.

Gone are the days when you would need to have one email address per account. Now you can connect up to five AdWords accounts to one email. The option to add additional accounts can be accessed through the ‘Manage AdWords accounts’ screen in the main menu.

Adding users to an AdWords account has gotten easier by skipping the email verification step. Now, when a user is added to an account, they can start accessing it right away. One less email clogging up the inbox.

For those power users out there, the ones that do work for multiple businesses all with their own AdWords accounts, Google has an update just for you. From the account switcher, within the “Add Account” screen, you can easily link the email addresses associated with each account. Get it all done in one place.

Google reminds that, even with these updates, security and privacy are still top of mind.