Google Ads Smart Bidding Now Supports Store Visits Optimization

Smart bidding campaigns in Google Ads can now be used to optimize for in-store visits.

Previously, smart bidding campaigns could only be optimized for online conversions.

Given that 70% of Google Ads advertisers are now using smart bidding it was time to for Google introduce the option to optimize for offline conversions as well.

In an announcement, the company states:

“People move seamlessly across online and offline channels to find the products and services they need. To make it easier to maximize omnichannel ROI, store visits in Smart Bidding is now available to all advertisers for Search and Shopping campaigns.”

Store visits in Smart Bidding will help advertisers drive better results in less time by allowing for total online & offline performance optimization.

Google highlights how European retailer MediaMarkt improved its campaign performance by changing its smart bidding strategy to incorporate store visits.

MediaMarkt’s digital marketing manager states:

“By switching our bidding strategy from online-only to omnichannel, we were able to increase omnichannel revenue by 113% in our test campaigns. We plan to roll this approach out across other campaigns.”

Google is giving advertisers the ability to test incorporating store visits into their smart bidding strategies for select search and shopping campaigns.

This is accomplished by enabling the campaign-level conversion setting. From there, advertisers can include store visits as an optimizable conversion before expanding the new bidding strategy to their entire account.