Google Ads Postpones Switching Search & Shopping Campaigns to Standard Delivery

Google Ads has decided to postpone switching search and shopping campaigns from accelerated delivery to standard delivery.

Google announced last month that the switch was scheduled to take place on September 17. The company announced today the change is being postponed until October 7.

The ad delivery help page from Google has been updated to read:

“Starting October 14, 2019, accelerated budget delivery will no longer be available for use with Search campaigns, Shopping campaigns, or shared budgets. Campaigns using accelerated delivery with those campaign and budget types will be automatically migrated over to standard delivery, starting October 7, 2019.”

It’s recommended that advertisers switch to Standard delivery by going to their campaign settings page and changing the budget delivery setting

The decision to postpone the switch is being made in order to give advertisers more time to prepare for the changes.

“To give you more time to prepare, these campaigns and budgets using Accelerated delivery will be automatically switched to Standard delivery, starting October 7, 2019. Accelerated delivery will no longer be available after this change.”

Google says accelerated delivery does not help when it comes to better utilization of budgets. Campaigns may even see a higher than average cost-per-click when utilizing accelerated delivery.

To have more control over how ads are delivered throughout the day, Google recommends taking advantage of ad scheduling as it allows advertisers to increase or decrease bids during certain times of the day.

Specifically, Google recommends using maximize conversion value, maximize conversions, or maximize clicks, bidding to stay within a daily budget.