Google Ads Changes the Design of Call-Only Ads

Google is rolling out a new look for call-only ads which is said to help drive higher quality leads.

The updated layout for call-only ads displays the business’s phone number at the top, while business name and headline is now placed below the phone number in smaller text.

Here’s a comparison of the new layout versus the previous layout:

As you can see in the example above, the phone icon is now more prominent also. So there’s absolutely no mistaking these ad units for call-only ads.

Google says that, in testing, the new call-only ad design has had a positive impact on phone calls and conversions while keeping costs down for advertisers:

“On average, advertisers with the new call-only ads design have seen a 14% increase in phone calls, a 16% increase in call conversions and better cost efficiencies with an 8% decrease in overall paid clicks. The new look helps call-only ads stand out from other text ads, reducing accidental clicks from users who didn’t intend to make a call.”

Call-only ads that are already in place will be automatically switched over to the new design this week. There is no additional action needed on the part of advertisers.