Google Ads Brings New Sets of Data to Shopping Campaigns

Google Ads can now report on cart data for shopping campaigns, tracking all information related to purchases.

Cart data goes buying tracking sales for products featured in an ad. An ad click on a product may lead to sales of other products, so cart data allows advertisers to see any items purchased after ads are clicked, which products are most likely to convert, and which items are the top sellers.

Enabling cart data for shopping campaigns offers the following benefits:

  • Detailed reports of items sold
  • Clear measure of revenue and profit generated by Shopping Ads
  • Detailed reporting on cart size and average order value

What’s Included in a Cart Data Report

Reports of Items Sold

Cart conversion data provided by retailers will be used to generate reports that contain details about items sold, such as

  • Which bidding entities (campaigns/ad groups/product groups) drive product sales
  • Whether or not users bought the products featured in the ads they clicked
  • Whether or not users bought products other than those featured in the ads they clicked
  • How different bidding dimensions (device or geographic location, for example) affect cart size and average order value
  • Which bidding entities deliver the highest gross profit

Attributed sales metrics

Attributed sales metrics measure the impact of a product as a lead generator. These metrics include:

  • Orders: Transaction completed after an ad click.
  • Revenue: Total amount of income from all transactions that are attributed to clicks on an ad.
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS): The total amount of business costs that are attributed to a certain product.
  • Gross profit: Total amount of profit from all transactions that are attributed to clicks on an ad.
  • Average order value: A metric that is calculated by dividing the revenue by the number of orders.
  • Average cart size: The average number of products in the order cart.

Offer-level sales metrics

Offer-level sales metrics measure the actual products sold in orders. These metrics include:

  • Units sold
  • Product revenue
  • Product gross profit
    Product average COGS

How to Enable Cart Data

Enabling cart data will require you to first set up conversion tracking. Then, to submit cart information, you’ll need to adopt either Google’s global site tag or Google Tag Manager.

There’s detailed instructions covering both methods of setting up cart data in this Google help document.