Bing Ads Will Suggest Bid Adjustments Based on Campaign Performance

Bing understands the importance of updating bid adjustments on the regular based on current performance.

In an effort to help advertisers, Bing Ads will help set effective bidding strategies through remarketing bid adjustment suggestions in the Opportunity tab.

Bid adjustment suggestions will be based on historical ad performance data.

Bing Ads will use this data to provide curated suggestions on how to adjust bids in order to get your ads in front of the audiences that are most important to you.

Advertisers can get started using this feature by logging into Bing Ads and going to the Opportunity tab.

From there, you can review suggestions for your campaigns and ad groups. You can then choose which suggestions, if any, you would like to apply.

When it comes to remarketing bid adjustment opportunities, see the screenshot below to identify where you can find suggestions along with the corresponding conversion impact.

Bing notes that not all advertisers will be able to see this yet:

”… there may be a little more performance data needed… Keep checking back, as we refresh these suggestions every day based on your most recent campaign performance.”

Having conversion tracking enabled is a requirement for being able to view suggestions in the Opportunity tab.

Audience lists are a requirement for getting suggestions related to audience targeting.