Bing Ads Will Stop Supporting Monthly Budgets as of April 30

Bing has announced it will stop supporting monthly budgets for all Bing Ads entry points by April 30. This includes Bing Ads online, Bing Ads Editor, API and Mobile Apps. At the end of April, all monthly budgets will be migrated to daily budgets.

The company strongly recommends moving campaign budgets to daily budgets before April 30. Keep in mind that once budgets are migrated, you will not be allowed to add or update monthly budgets.

When the forced migration takes places, all unshared monthly budgets at the campaign level will be converted to a daily budget. Bing explains how this is going to work:

  • Monthly budget amount / 30.4 = Daily budget amount.
    • If the result of the division in the formula above results in a value below the minimum allowed campaign budget, it will be automatically set to the minimum value.
    • Delivery type will be set to “Accelerated” for daily budgets. A daily accelerated budget distributes your ad impressions across the entire month, showing your ads as quickly as appropriate each day until your daily budget is depleted.

Any Automated Rules which were once in place for monthly budgets will need to be recreated, as they will not be carried over. Since Shared Budgets are set as daily budgets by default, they will stay the same.

Here is some more information about Bing Ads Shared Budgets, which can now be imported from Google AdWords campaigns.