Bing Ads Will No Longer Serve Entities With Destination URLs By the End of 2019

Bing Ads is notifying users about upcoming changes to destination URLs that begin rolling out in August.

In August 2019, Bing Ads will no longer support the ability to create destination URLs at all entity levels.

That includes keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns.

By the end of 2019, Bing Ads will begin the process of no longer serving entities with destination URLs.

Bing is strongly encouraging advertisers to migrate their existing destination URLs to final URLs.

Final URLs offer the following advantages over destination URLs:

Manage tracking more efficiently:
With a single shared tracking template, users can manage and update tracking information for multiple URLs.

That means hundreds or thousands of URL edits can be accomplished with one quick change.

More conversions and clicks:
Final URLs can help keep ads up and running as updates to tracking templates don’t require an editorial review.

Less downtime to review changes means more opportunities for clicks and conversions.

Additional tracking insights:
Gain additional insights about the source of ad clicks with the ability to add both URL parameters and custom parameters to tracking templates.

Support for parallel tracking (coming soon):
Parallel tracking helps load landing pages more quickly. Only Upgraded URLs are compatible with parallel tracking

For further information about migrating destination URLs to final URLs, see Bing’s announcement.